Aug 1 (Wed) is Water Day Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan promotes sustainable water resource protection activities through community-based business activities!

Aug. 01,2018

News Release


August 1, 2018

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.



《 Aug 1 (Wed) is Water Day》

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan promotes sustainable water resource protection activities through community-based business activities!



Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Tamio Yoshimatsu, hereinafter CCBJI) values water which is one of the most important raw materials in its business activities, and promotes sustainable water resource protection.

We, as a company which carries out business activities by utilizing irreplaceable "water", promote initiatives to return the same amount of water used for manufacturing of our products to nature. We have been realizing an actual zero water usage since 2016 by rolling out activities centering on reduction of water usage amount in manufacturing processes (Reduce), recycle of water used in manufacturing processes (Recycle), and cultivation of local water sources (Replenish).

In 2017, CCBJI recorded the returning rate of water used for manufacturing our products to nature (replenishment rate*1) 275% in total, achieving our initial goal of 100% or over, and aims to achieve replenishment rate 100% for each plant going forward.
※1 Replenishment rate =Replenishment amount (KL) / production volume(KL)×100

As a specific activity for local water source cultivation (Replenishment), we are proceeding with water recourse protection activities in cooperation with local citizens by concluding agreements with local governments and forestry cooperatives at water source areas for each of our plant.

Centering on forest preservation activities, we work on protection/regeneration of grassland, flooding of paddy fields with a high cultivation capability, as well as hold environmental programs targeting children who will be responsible for the next generation, to deepen their understanding on importance of water resource protection.
※2 Reference: Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Holdings Group CSV Report 2018


【Images of educational program】



【Reference materials】


【Water resource protection activities Action organizations】※3

※3 Organizations which concluded agreement as of Jul 2018



【Coca-Cola System's version of water circulation】

Water we use can be classified into "water used for manufacturing" and "water which is made into our products". "Water used for manufacturing", after used as cleansing water and cooling water in the manufacturing process, is collected/ treated and recycled as cleansing water/cooling water again. After that, it is returned to nature after being treated appropriately.  Meanwhile, "water which is made into our products" is returned to nature in cooperation with the local citizens by increasing cultivation capability of water sources through forestry protection activities such as planting and thinning, and nurturing abundant underground water.





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