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Creating Shared Value (CSV) in a larger scale

On January 1, 2018, Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. (CCBJI) was born through the integration of six operating companies, including former Coca-Cola East Japan Co., Ltd. whose territory ranged from Tokyo metropolitan area to south Tohoku, Tokai and Kanto regions, and former Coca-Cola West Co., Ltd. that covered Kinki, Chugoku, Shikoku and Kyushu regions as its business territory. Since its inception, CCBJI has been handling approximately 90% of products supplied by the entire Coca-Cola system in Japan to serve the needs of its customers and consumers spread widely across Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and 35 more prefectures. In terms of sales revenue, CCBJI is not only the largest Coca-Cola bottling company in Japan, but all of Asia, and is also the third largest※ among the 250 or more bottlers operating around the world.

Looking back at our journey leading up to where we are today, I realize once again that what all the various stakeholders expect from CCBJH group and how we fulfill our responsibility to meet those expectations change over time and how fast they change.

CCBJH group has set a series of important schemes to fulfill the corporate social responsibility defined in the International Standards (ISO26000) and has been deeply involved in the efforts to contribute to the society at large. To further accelerate our endeavors to realize these schemes more effectively and extensively, CCBJH group has now placed “Creating Shared Value (CSV)”, a concept and approach evolved from CSR, as one or the cornerstones of its corporate policy. Going forward, all the employees and operational organizations within the CCBJH group will focus on pursuing CSV as part of their day-to-day duties and undertaking activities.

Some companies think that it would be evitable to put a burden on the environment or to the society if they were to expand their business. Companies with such self-serving mindset have no future in maintaining their sustainable growth. Unlike them, CCBJH group aims at constantly aligning its vision in business operation with what the people at large hope to see in future society and environment by holding a broad perspective and viewing the world from a high vantage point instead of pursuing short-sighted interests. By always, We, the members of CCBJH group, will continue to seek in earnest the values that we could deliver to the society by leveraging the strong Coca-Cola brand power, while placing importance on “customer satisfaction”, “quality assurance”, ethics and compliance”, “risk management” and “respect of human rights and employees’ motivation to work” and always keeping in mind the sustainable development of the society that forms an integral part of our corporate philosophy.

In the United Nations summit meeting held in 2015, the UN member states, including Japan, formally adopted the “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” that set a total of 17 “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” to be achieved by 2030. CCBJH group reviewed these goals from the standpoint of how they fit to the specific issues and challenges faced in Japan as a country and in the regions and municipalities we operate our business. Through this review, we identified the following three themes as the key areas where we should prioritize.

As a company that handles beverages that are consumed by a large number of people on a daily basis, CCBJH group has a strong responsibility of delivering products that are tasteful, safe, refreshing to both body and soul, and also useful for the promotion of health. In addition, CCBJH group intends to raise the awareness and deepen the understanding of consumers on good eating and drinking habits, and advocate a healthy lifestyle that combines these recommended habits with adequate physical exercises and other means to maintain health according to the amount of calorie intake. Furthermore, CCBJH group also recognizes the need of promoting the research and development of solutions for issues and challenges in maintaining or improving the physical and mental health that are especially notable in Japan or are distinctively Japanese.

Preserving our planet under a sustainable environment through the most effective and efficient use of natural resources, including water that is vital for human survival, is an important mission for all people, across all countries in the world. CCBJH group is constantly reviewing its entire value chain with an aim to find new and more extensive opportunities together with its partners to streamline the manufacturing process, improve the external packaging, reduce the amount of water used for production, develop and introduce more eco-friendly materials, and promote the recycling of used empty containers and reusable industrial materials extracted from outdated equipment, etc.

CCBJH group has been established through the merger of multiple bottling companies. These legacy bottlers have treasured and shared the same attitude in running their businesses, which was to pursue business through a “community-based” approach and with a “customer-centric” mindset. This attitude remains firm and unchanged even after the business territory has greatly expanded through the birth of CCBJH group. We, the CCBJH group, will continue to grow together with all the people in the community we serve.

Moreover, CCBJH group is determined to serve the community as a driver that can help solve social issues and guide the society toward a better future. We can even say that CCBJH group cannot be called a truly successful corporate business entity unless we make solid achievements in our efforts to create social value. We believe that this is the view that each and every member of CCBJH group should naturally hold. CCBJH group will continue to strive at making all its members share and live up to this common view and contribute to becoming an “excellent company with dignity” that can win the trust and support of everyone we serve.

※As of 2017