Business Overview

Business Overview

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.(CCBJI) produces and supplies approximately 90% of the Coca-Cola system's products in Japan to serve the needs of our customers and consumers spread widely across. Among the 225 or more bottlers currently manufacturing and selling Coca-Cola brand products globally, CCBJI stands firm not only as one of the largest Coca-Cola bottlers in Asia, but also as one of the largest in the world in terms of sales revenue.

Under our corporate philosophy "Paint it RED! Let's Repaint our Future.", CCBJI aims to achieve our mission to "deliver happy moments to everyone while creating value." We deliver high-quality Coca-Cola brand products and provides finely-tuned services, all designed to be embraced by customers and consumers from every walk of life.

The Coca-Cola system in Japan


Business area:Tokyo,Osaka,Kyoto,and 35 prefectures / Sales volume:About 90% of Coca-Cola System in Japan / Consumers in sales area:About 112 million(51 million households)

As of end 2021 (consolidated) unless otherwise stated.

Chain Store (Supermarkets and Convenience Stores)

At supermarkets, we work to liven up points of sales through initiatives such as implementing campaigns tailored for each season and event. Additionally, we strive to increase revenue through meticulous sales activities that match the right brand, package, wholesale price and sales channel with the beverage consumption occasion. On the other hand, our revenue growth strategy for convenience stores includes launching new products and joint promotions with customers.

Vending (Vending Machines)

In the vending channel, our products are delivered directly to consumers through vending machines. With the aim of increasing revenue per machine, we work to improve the consumer attraction of vending machines through measures such as introducing new products and developing products exclusive to the vending machine channel, and differentiation of product line-up depending on the location. In addition, we are actively expanding into indoor locations with high potential. Furthermore, we are striving to provide new value through the use of IT with the Coke ON app for smartphones, launched in 2016.

Retail & Food Service (Restaurants, Kiosks, etc.)

As for restaurants, we are striving to enhance the range of our products by providing ideas such as drink menus that highlight our products. Specifically, we are working on generating new demand by promoting our non-alcohol cocktails as “mocktails.” As for kiosks and other outlets, we are striving to grow our business by making use of sales equipment such as coffee machines and table-top coolers. In addition, in response to growing demand for the online selling of our products, we have been devoting resources for marketing activities geared toward online sales.