Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

SDG-related Initiatives

CSV Goals (Creating Shared Value) *The base year is 2015 and the target year is 2025 unless otherwise noted.

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We respond sincerely to the many opinions and requests that we receive daily from customers via telephone, email and other methods, while making sure to share that feedback with relevant departments. We are strengthening our initiatives to provide even better products and services in order to always meet customer expectations.

Initiatives for greater customer satisfaction

By responding quickly and appropriately to our customers’ requests and complaints, and by collectively and effectively collecting/analyzing such requests and complaints, we strive to develop next-generation products and services that exceed customers’ expectations and increase the number of Coca-Cola fans who will continue to purchase our products.

Our structure and schemes for responding to feedback from customers are built, operated, and continuously improved under ISO 10002:2014/JIS Q 10002:2015 “Quality management – Customer satisfaction – Guidelines for handling complaints in organizations”.

Third-party Opinion Letter(PDF/406 KB)

Customer response process

Customer response process

Realizing customer satisfaction

The Customer Contact Center is an important point of direct contact between customers and the our company group. Rather than simply providing consultation and guidance, this department is responsible for converting people into fans of the Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. Group, and operates under the slogan of “Good customer contact makes everyone happier.” The center receives opinions and requests from customers, and is structured so that when it is necessary to meet them in person, details can be quickly relayed to a regional representative who can then respond swiftly. In 2018, the Voice of Customer (VOC) section has been established within the center to reflect customer feedback even more effectively in corporate activities.

Customer Contact Center initiatives

The customer service representatives who answer calls strive to compensate for not being able to view facial cues by listening more attentively, and work day by day to improve the quality of their telephone responses.
In addition to thoroughly knowing the products, the representatives also need to have the ability to grasp how the customers feel. At the Customer Contact Center, there is a schedule of annual training for representatives to improve their response quality.

Easy-to-reach customer service
Customer consultation by topic

Effective response to customer complaints

We conduct questionnaires for consumers who have lodged complaints, and provide surveys to evaluate the quality of our customer response and consumers' intention to purchase Coca-Cola products in the future. For many consumers whose complaints have been addressed, their interest in purchasing Coca-Cola products remains unchanged or even increases according to our survey.

Consumer willingness to repurchase Coca-Cola products

Initiatives in three sales channels

❶ Chain stores

The teams in charge of accounts running a chain-style business pay close attention to offering an assortment of products that match well with their store format, whether it is a supermarket or discount store among others, and respond flexibly to the specific needs and expectations of the consumers that choose to shop in their chain stores. These teams are also proactive in developing seasonal and event-related sales promotion plans, and new ways of selling our products, such as, by pairing them with deli items or shelving them in the liquor to propose the use of our products as a blender of alcoholic drinks.

Initiatives in three sales channels

❷ Vending

The vending team is responsible of responding to consultations and requests from existing and potential customers about the placement of vending machines (VM) with the most befitting solutions and providing the full set of VM-related after-care services, including the periodical replenishment of products after installing the machines and maintenance required to keep them up and running in good condition.
The solutions proposed by the vending team are constantly updated by numerous innovative developments in the equipment portfolio, including the introduction of cashless models that support electronic money payments, machines that can run in energy-saving mode, and disaster-relief machines designed to be capable of contributing to the social needs at times of emergency.


Coke ON vending machine

Digital innovation has led to the development of a new service using a dedicated smartphone app named "Coke ON" that offers the consumers the chance to collect stamps with their purchase from the vending machines that support Coke ON. 15 stamps can be exchanged to one product available in any Coke ON vending machine.
This new service using the smartphone app delivers a novel and unique buying experience to the consumers.

Coke ON vending machine

Multilingual vending machines

In addition to increasing the placement of multilingual vending machines, the smartphone users can now view product information on their device in 15 languages.

Multilingual vending machines

❸ Retail & food service

The market targeted by the retail team is composed of kiosks, food stores and other forms of retail outlets run by customers in diverse sectors and lines of business ranging widely from public transportation (in station buildings, etc.), academic institutions (in schools), hospitals to offices. The retail team is always keen to propose the most suitable types of products (in terms of package, size, and price) and the most effective ways of selling them according to the specific purposes of use and scenes where the consumers enjoy our drinks.

The food service team is primarily in charge of accounts running the HORECA ※business or operating the facilities in the recreation / entertainment sector, such as, movie theaters and karaoke parlors. This team handles a wide range of products and packages mainly for business use, including syrup and powder, and proposes diverse ways of selling, serving, and presenting our products to the end users that best fit the individual accounts' lines of business and size of their outlets.

※HORECA stands for HOtels, REstaurents, CAfes.
Retail & food service

Drop shipping (e-commerce)

We propose online shop operators who have their online shops opened in EC-malls (Internet-based virtual shopping malls) a wide range of Coca-Cola brand products to be posted and sold in their online shops that can be accessed through the EC-mall website. Drop shipping is a service to deliver our products directly to the customers who purchased our products through the online shopping medium, such as, the EC-mall. The online shoppers find this service helpful since they will be freed from the burden of physically carrying our products, which can get very heavy when they purchase in bulk. The online shop operators also find this service an advantage because they do not need to make arrangements to manage the physical inventory and ship the stocked products to their customers.

Responsible Marketing Policy

We are committed to The Coca-Cola Company's global Responsible Marketing Policy that covers all our beverages, and we do not market any products directly to children under 12.

The Coca-Cola Company's Responsible Marketing Policy (PDF/204 KB)