Proposal for offices and work spaces (cashless, unmanned kiosk)

Proposal for offices and work spaces (cashless, unmanned kiosk)

POP GARDEN is currently available mainly in the four priority areas of Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka.

About this service

POP GARDEN is a service that works with customers to create spaces with new value in response to changing office environments.

  • 1
    Stimulating communication

    Stimulating communication
    This service provides a safe, secure, and relaxing space for communication.
  • 2
    Rich assortment of beverages and food products

    Rich assortment of beverages and food products
    In addition to Coca-Cola products, we offer an assortment of 250 food products to suit our customers' needs.
  • 3
    Fully cashless, unmanned kiosks

    Fully cashless, unmanned kiosks
    Easy payment by QR code.*
    All you need to use this service is your smartphone.
  • 4
    Fixtures that match your office

    Fixtures that match your office
    We offer fixtures that match the space where they will be installed and the atmosphere of your office.
  • 5
    No initial costs

    No initial costs
    No equipment or installation costs.
    The products on display are part of our inventory, so there are no procurement costs, either.
  • 6
    Fully operated by our company

    Fully operated by our company
    The CCBJI Group will be responsible for ordering and displaying products, as well as managing inventory.**

* PayPay, LINE Pay, Merpay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, WeChat Pay, Alipay, au PAY, and credit cards can be used with a single QR code.
Payments cannot be made through the Rakuten Pay app at the same time.

** Depending on the installation area and size of sales, we may ask for your assistance with some of the operations.

Product Line-up

In addition to canned and PET beverages, we can also carry jelly beverages and regular coffee.
We offer approximately 250 different food products, ranging from commercially available snacks to special products that are unique to POP GARDEN.

Fixture Line-up

We provide wooden fixtures that create an air of luxury, and paper fixtures that are light, durable, and eco-friendly.
We can propose designs tailored to the space and atmosphere of your office.

Wooden fixtures

Light, durable, & recyclable paper fixtures

How to Purchase

Payment is completely cashless. Read the QR code with your smartphone and the product selection screen will appear.
No need for cashiers, no waiting in line, no contact, no worries!

  1. Scan the QR code

  2. Add items to your cart

  3. Choose your payment method

  4. Pay

  5. We also accept e-money

Installation Process

  • Please make an inquiry by filling out the required fields on the form.
  • Our sales representatives will provide you with more information.
  • We will check the installation space and propose a suitable product lineup and fixture design.
  • Your POP GARDEN will be ready to use immediately after installation.

Frequently Asked Questions (Q&A)

  • Q
    Are there any installation requirements?
    Due to the nature of unmanned kiosks, we ask that you refrain from installation in places where a large number of unidentified people can come and go.
    We also expect there to be more than 100 users at any given time, but that number is just a guideline, so please feel free to inquire with us first.
  • Q
    Are there any initial costs?
    There are no initial costs.
    You will be responsible for providing the kiosk installation location and inventory storage space, as well as for the electricity costs incurred by the vending machines and coolers after installation.
  • Q
    Can we request certain products?
    Yes, you can.
    Please make any requests through the inquiry form, accessible via the kiosk’s QR code, or contact our Customer Contact Center.
  • Q
    Is there a contract period?
    The trial contract period is 6 months. After that, the contract period should be at least 3 years as a general rule.
  • Q
    Is there anything we (as customers) need to do after the service is launched?
    The products will be delivered by courier, and we ask that you move the products to the inventory storage space after you receive them.
    The CCBJI Group will handle the other tasks, such as ordering products, displaying them on the shelves, and managing inventory. (Depending on the installation area and size of sales, we may ask you to handle some of these operations yourselves)