Ethics and Compliance

Ethics and Compliance

SDG-related Initiatives

CSV Goals (Creating Shared Value) *The base year is 2015 and the target year is 2025 unless otherwise noted.

Human rights
  • 100% : Adherence to Supplier Guiding Principles across the Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Holdings Inc. Group value chain
  • 100% : Sustainable sourcing

Ethics and compliance policies

In order to be a sustainable business, the Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Holdings Inc. Group (CCBJH Group) must fulfill its social responsibilities and every individual employee should always act with integrity. As part of this, we have enacted the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, and promote a corporate culture that emphasizes ethics and compliance.
The Code of Business Conduct and Ethics covers five areas: acting righteously with dignity, right conduct,respect of human rights, dealing with stakeholders, and conflicts of interest. All employees are expected to observe all laws and regulations as well as the Code, internal rules, and workplace principles. They are also expected to act with integrity and honesty, to think before acting, and to seek guidance when in doubt.

Ethics & Compliance Reporting Hotline

We have set up the Ethics & Compliance Reporting Hotline (a dedicated email address and telephone number), with points of contact in-house and at an external legal counsel's office, to accept requests for consultation about matters that conflict with, or may conflict with, the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. Anonymous consultation is available, and we are striving to raise awareness of the hotline and create an environment that facilitates consultation by a variety of means, such as issuing ethics and compliance bulletins and posting the hotline points of contact on the Group intranet. Furthermore, we value the cooperation of employees who report issues that need to be addressed, and any form of retaliatory measures against reporting employees has been made a violation of the Code. We confidentially investigate any problem requiring examination under the Code, determine whether there has been a violation of the Code or laws and regulations, and take any appropriate corrective measures.

Compliance education

The standing CCBJH Group Ethics & Compliance Committee, which comprises members of the management team, meets on a regular basis and takes the lead in promoting activities that further foster and inculcate high ethical standards and compliance awareness among the Group's employees and encourage a corporate culture that places importance on ethics and compliance. These initiatives include the implementation of awareness and education activities, operation of the Ethics & Compliance Reporting Hotline, other responses to compliance-related incidents, and consideration and implementation of measures to prevent the reoccurrence of incidents.

Supplier Guiding Principles

We are committed to fully enforcing Supplier Guiding Principles The Coca-Cola Company sets, and expect our business partners (the Suppliers) who provide goods and services to us to develop and implement appropriate business processes to ensure compliance.

*P16 Post Assessment Follow-Up : Facility will be assessed in 3 years for Green.