Quality assurance

Quality assurance

SDG-related Initiatives

12.Responsible Consumption and Production

12.Responsible Consumption and Production

CSV Goals (Creating Shared Value)

Quality assurance policy

We seek to provide all consumers with safe products and high-quality services. This goal motivates us throughout our operations. During the entire process from the procurement of materials, through manufacturing, logistics, transportation, sales, and service, we work tirelessly to secure and improve customer-centric quality.

Basic principles for quality

Quality policy

We will offer safe, trustworthy, fresh and refreshing products and services to all of our consumers, anytime and anywhere. To this end, we will work to ensure and improve quality in all operational processes by considering quality our top priority.
Our basic approach to maintaining quality involves not only complying with domestic standards, but operating under the same global management standards as all Coca-Cola system companies around the world, namely KORE (Coca-Cola Operating Requirements).
KORE covers a range of criteria in the areas of quality, food safety, the environment, and industrial safety & health, and it is implemented throughout the entire process beginning from procurement of raw materials to manufacturing, logistics, and sales to the consumer. In addition to meeting the requirements of international standards such as those from ISO and various laws and regulations, KORE imposes even more rigorous standards*

* Concerning quality, we comply with ISO 9001; concerning food safety, we comply with FSSC 22000; concerning the environment, we comply with ISO 14001; and concerning industrial safety and health, we comply with OHSAS 18001.

Our quality-protection system, “KORE”

The Coca-Cola system uses a unique global management system called “KORE (Coca-Cola Operating Requirements)”, and the quality of our products is controlled under strict “KORE” standards. “KORE” covers a range of criteria in the areas of quality, food safety, the environment, and industrial safety & health, and it is implemented throughout the entire process beginning from procurement of raw materials to manufacturing, logistics, transportation, sales and delivery to the customer. In addition to meeting the requirements of international standards such as ISO and various laws and regulations, it operates under an even more rigorous standard. As part of our operations check, a registered assessment agency conducts an assessment at least once a year to measure the performance of the respective inspection items. With the additional objective evaluation by a third-party, we guarantee the Coca-Cola management system is operated fairly and justly. We will continue to build on our Initiatives for safety and security based on the KORE-centered management in order to deliver safe Coca-Cola products to our customers at all times.

“KORE” Framework

“KORE” Framework

Quality and safety of our products

During the entire process from the procurement of raw materials, manufacturing and logistics to sales and service, all of our employees work tirelessly to secure and improve quality for our customers. In addition to meeting domestic standards, the Coca-Cola system operates under “KORE (Coca-Cola Operating Requirements)”, a unique management system used by all Coca-Cola bottlers around the world.

Quality and safety of our products Quality and safety of our products

Water and raw materials are checked under rigorous quality standards.

Management of raw materials

The water and raw materials used in our products are each carefully inspected by our employees using domestic standards and KORE quality standards in order to identify any safety issues.


Product safety is guaranteed through complete hygiene control and quality management.

Product safety

Strict hygiene controls are observed in our manufacturing plants. In particular, PET products such as tea are manufactured in an aseptic line to eliminate the inclusion of any microbes in the filling and sealing process.

Actions for food safety

All of our plants have obtained FSSC22000 certification (international standard for food safety management system), and key control points are defined in the respective manufacturing processes of receiving raw materials, blending, and filling to ensure complete control.

Quality management

We conduct inspections in all of our processes to check the quality of our products. On the production lines, we use machines to check the filling volume, status of seams on caps, label positions, printing of best-before-dates, etc. Furthermore, operators run routine checks based on the inspection procedure. Thus, our processes are checked both by people and machine.
Our quality control is meticulous and refined, including sensory tests, physiochemical tests, and visual inspections, by certified testers in the company.


Continuous kaizen activities

Aside from the basic 5S (Sort, Set in order, Shine, Sanitation, and Sustain), the plant management and quality assurance departments inspect the plants on a routine basis and make necessary improvements in the case of any issues.
Through OE (Operational Excellence), we identify and eliminate waste and inefficiencies in production to create an excellent production site.


We have a flexible structure in place to deliver quality products.

Supply and distribution system

The Commercial and SCM functions work together to build a supply and distribution system to flexibly accommodate our customers’ needs. The system tracks when and where a product was produced and how much is in stock at which location, allowing us to control excessive production and inventory. As a result, we are able deliver fresh products to our customers at all times.


We have rigid product management in place to deliver safe, reassuring and fresh products.

Sales management

By working with our customers, we check product storage, sales space, and inventory for effective product management.
In our vending machines, each bottle is handled with care, and the expiry dates are meticulously controlled.


Quality management of post-mix

Dispensers and cup vending machines require absolute quality management since syrup and powder are mixed in the machine and sold directly to consumers. Our group has an exclusive certification system in which dedicated, certified personnel are responsible for quality management, including hygiene control.

Quality assurance certification for Post-mix products


Our products can be traced back to their production date, manufacturing location and shipment date using history data that includes a record for tracking raw materials, process management record and distribution management record.

Quality Assurance Policy

We ensure all employees place the top priority on “quality” in the course of daily business and heighten the value to weave the new future, thereby delivering high quality products and services to as many people as we can.

1.Basic principle for quality
(1) Each of our Functions is aware of its roles and responsibilities and implements customer-driven quality control.
(2) We will perform our daily work with the top priority on “quality”.
(3) Each one of us keeps in mind and thinks about “quality” at all times and takes an action to enhance our brand value.

2.Supplemental Provision
The policy is enacted and enforced effective January 1, 2018.

・Service: Comprehensive activities including the means of providing products.
・Quality Assurance:Systematic structure to continuously assure quality which allows customers to feel safe and satisfied when purchasing and using.
・Quality Control:Systematic measures to sustainably create quality and services that meet the requirements of customers.