What we are doing

Key issues of the Sustainability Framework and SDG-related Initiatives

  • Communities

    • Drive impact through two national platforms (Inclusion and Resources)

    • Initiatives that are sustainable and additionally have local relevance

CSV Goals (Creating Shared Value) *The base year is 2015 and the target year is 2025 unless otherwise noted.

  • 100%:Zero / low colorie option for core brands
  • 300%:Product growth of FOSHU/Foods with Function Claims (compared to 2016)
  • 100%:Front-of-pack calorie label & straightforward nutritional information
  • 100%:Observaion of The Coca-Cola Campany Responsible Marketig Policy
  • 10%:Employee volunteers
  • 1 Million:Paticipants in community programs

Environmental education programs

The Coca-Cola "Learn from the Forest" projects

We hold environmental education programs in various locations in order to raise awareness about the importance of conserving water and preserving nature. Among the Coca-Cola "Learn from the Forest" projects held in 12 of our plants' water source areas in 2019, a total of 421 employees and their family members thinned forest undergrowth, helped plant rice fields, and tried woodworking while learning about the indispensable nature of water resources.

Due to the impact of the spread of COVID-19, in 2020 we canceled the event to put a priority on protecting the health and safety of participants. Meanwhile, we set up special pages within our website to inform many people of the importance of forest preservation and activity details, where we introduced the activities in videos and images. In addition, we implemented a project of woodcrafting kit using timbers from forest thinning in our activity areas and a rice giveaway project.

Production plants Place Project name
Zao plant Zao town, Miyagi The Coca‐cola "Learn from the Forest" project in Miyagi ZAOHow the event went
Saitama plant/Iwatsuki plant Katashina Village, Gunma The Coca‐cola "Learn from the Forest" project in Gunma KATASHINA
Ibaraki plant Ishioka city, Ibaraki The Coca‐cola "Learn from the Forest" project in Ibaraki ISHIOKAHow the event went
Ebina plant Atsugi city, Kanagawa The Coca‐cola "Learn from the Forest" project in Kanagawa ATSUGIHow the event went
Tokai plant Ena city, Gifu The Coca‐cola "Learn from the Forest" project in Gifu ENA NAKANOHOUHow the event went
Kyoto plant Ujitawara town, Kyoto The Coca‐cola "Learn from the Forest" project in Kyoto UJITAWARAHow the event went
Akashi plant Tambasasayama city, Hyogo The Coca‐cola "Learn from the Forest" project in Gifu ENA NAKANOHOU
Daisen plant Houki town, Tottori The Coca‐cola "Learn from the Forest" project in Tottori HOUKIHow the event went
Hiroshima plant Mihara city, Hiroshima The Coca‐cola "Learn from the Forest" project in Hiroshima MIHARAHow the event went
Komatsu plant Saijo city, Ehime The Coca‐cola "Learn from the Forest" project in Ehime KOMATSUHow the event went
Tosu plant/Kiyama plant Tosu city, Saga The Coca‐cola "Learn from the Forest" project in Saga TOSUHow the event went
Kumamoto plant Aso city, Kumamoto The Coca‐cola "Learn from the Forest" project in Kumamoto ASOHow the event went
Ebino plant Ebino city, Miyazaki The Coca‐cola "Learn from the Forest" project in Miyazaki EBINOHow the event went

Activity introduction video in 2021

Activity introduction video in 2020

Contributions to local communities through business

The CCBJH Group believes that thriving communities are a prerequisite for sustainable business activities and conducts a wide range of social activities in local communities based on this belief. Through our core business, we engage in activities such as supporting food banks and collaborating with local governments on agreements to supply drinking water to emergency shelters during disasters. By being involved in these ways, we are forging deeper ties with the community and expanding relationships.

Emergency agreements and supporting communities impacted by disasters

We have concluded emergency agreements in preparation for largescale disasters across our sales areas.
These agreements are to ensure that people impacted by an emergency canrapidly access drinking water, so we will prioritize water supply to emergency shelters and provide residents with beverages free of charge from vending machines. As of the end of 2020, we had agreements with 1,059 local governments and organizations.

In 2019, we responded to requests from the government to provide beverages to residents of Chiba and Fukushima prefectures affected by typhoons Faxai and Hagibis. These efforts were commended in a letter of appreciation from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

(Right) Akihiro Higashino, Food Manufacturing Division, Food Industry Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Agriculture, Forest and Fisheries
(Left) Raymond Shelton, Head of IR & Corporate Communications,Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan, Inc.※Situation in 2019

Donating products through food banks

Since 2016, CCBJI partner with 22 organizations, including Second Harvest Japan (member of Alliance of Japan Foodbanks), which is Japan's first Food Bank organization and Food Bank All Japan Association, to donate our beverage products on a regular basis to children's cafeterias and social welfare facilities, etc. through Food Bank organizations in different regions.

Food Banks mean "Banks of food" and are the organizations and activities that distribute food items that are still edible, but have to be disposed of, to the facilities and people who are in need. The Food Loss Reduction Promotion Act was enacted last year, and the activities of Food Banks are drawing even more attention.

The number of Children's Cafeterias is increasing year by year due to the changes in the home environment. The Children's Cafeterias are playing the role to provide opportunities for the children from different environments to eat together, prevent loneliness, and receive dietary education, and develop the society that respects diversity. CCBJI is participating in these activities in the hope that our donations will help reduce food loss and resolve challenges that local communities face.

In 2020, we provided approximately 20,000 cases of products to 22 food banks around Japan that distributed them to facilities that provide meals for children with busy or absent parents and social welfare facilities.

Tourism promotion agreements

We have concluded tourism promotion agreements with local governments such as in Chiba, Kanagawa, Saitama, and Kyoto prefectures, for the purposes of promoting tourism in the region.
Based on these agreements, we are developing Coca-Cola bottles with unique designs in each region and carrying out initiatives that include donating a portion of the sales proceeds.

Community support vending machines

We are promoting the installation of community support vending machines with unique illustrations at sightseeing locations and tourist attractions within sales areas. A portion of the sales proceeds of The Coca-Cola Company’s products from these support vending machines is donated to local governments and NPOs in those areas and is used to fund activities like regional revitalization and community development.

Ebino Plant receives Prime Minister’s Award in 2020 for promoting the greening of business sites

The CCBJI Ebino Plant (Ebino City, Miyazaki Prefecture) received the Prime Minister's Award in 2020, which is granted to individuals and organizations who have demonstrated outstanding contributions in promoting the greening of business sites.
An important production and logistics base in the southern Kyushu area, the Ebino Plant is a park-based facility in harmony with the rich, natural environment. The plant and its grounds attract as many as 150,000 visitors annually, including 70,000 visitors for our plant tours. In the plant’s water source area, we have concluded agreements with Ebino City and local forestry associations to carry out forest conservation activities and promote the protection of water resources. This award is normally presented at the Ceremony of awarding the MIDORI Prize (hosted by the Cabinet Office), which is held in April each year.
However, the ceremony was cancelled to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and an award presentation ceremony was held at the Miyazaki prefectural government’s office in November 2020.

A collaborative program to address community challenges

In Miyagi, Fukushima, Mie, and Miyazaki prefectures, the CCBJH Group is supporting initiatives designed to help solve regional issues. Based on collaboration between industry, government, academia, and nonprofit organizations—for example, regional administrations, educational institutions, and municipal organizations—the initiatives are conducted through a variety of projects, such as youth-led workshops, activity presentations, and awards systems.

"Ideason: Mie Mirai" (Mie prefecture)

The event "Ideason: Mie Mirai ~Connecting us and society through happiness~" was held under collaboration between Mie prefecture, Dr' Aoki's laboratory (the School of Humanities of Mie University), NPO M Bridge and CCBJI. The event participants sought ideas to increase Mie's attractions and to solve problems through discussions, envisaging Mie's happy future. Taking place between Dec 2018 and Mar 2019, this program was attended by a total of 265 people of various generations. They thought about regional issues and exchanged opinions through workshops. There was a huge reaction from the participants, and we received the comment, "I want to continue to take part in such an opportunity and get involved in the community's problem solving", etc.

※What is Ideason?
This is a coined word combining "idea" and "marathon", which has been used in U.S. since around 1990s. It refers to events in which participants think about a specific issue and figure out ideas to improve the situation within a limited time.
This discussion-based program is also called an "intellectual leisure" and has the large potential as it helps nurture the participant's independence.
Mie Mirai also provides an opportunity for those in academy, industry and government to discuss the creation of Mie's better future.

Mie Mirai

"Sendai Youth Award" (Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture)

In Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, we set up the organizing committee with Sendai City and General Incorporated Association Wakatsuku, and implemented the Sendai Youth Award to promote youth’s active participation in society further. The award has been given to organizations mainly composed of young people for their excellent efforts to contribute to the solution of social issues and the achievement of SDGs since 2017.
During the public presentation of the final screening which was held in November 2020, the final screening for the ‘Awards Category,’ which recognizes activities by youth working to solve social challenges, and the interim reports for the ‘Collaboration Category,’ which was established the year before to generate new activities through collaborative efforts between local enterprises and youth organizations, were held online.
Confronting challenges that became apparent in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the organizations covered a vast range of activities including exchange and support activities with the community with flexible ideas and efforts aimed at regenerating shopping arcades, etc. The initiative has received high praise for its efforts to improve the motivation of young people.

Sendai Youth Award

FY2019 activity photos

仙台若者アワード 仙台若者アワード

Photo of FY2020 final screening public presentation

"Challenge Internship Program" Action to 2030; Your power creates Fukushima

In Fukushima Prefecture, we started cooperating in the "Challenge Internship Program” from 2016, with the main aim of developing youth who will be active in the society and revitalizing the local community.
We have been engaged in this project, which has the theme of "supporting youth’s learning and experience", together with Fukushima Prefecture and the Fukushima Regional Activities Group Support Center. The project is to encourage youth to learn the regional challenges and the charm of Fukushima Prefecture through internships at NPO organizations which are working on various activities aiming at solving regional challenges including recovery from the disaster, and to promote the creation of a future town.
Participants afterward commented positively, “I was able to experience a lot of things through interactions with people in the community”, “I was able to revisit the future direction”, etc. This project has been received very well as an opportunity to raise awareness of youth and a meaningful effort.

Reconstruction project 'Challenge Internship'

FY2019 activity photos


Photos of the FS2020 debriefing session/closing ceremony

The Coca-Cola Educational and Environmental Foundation

The Coca-Cola Foundation carries out a scholarship aid initiative to develop and nurture the type of young talent required by the international community, as well as develop human resources that support the local communities. For over 40 years, this initiative has helped students with financial difficulty to attend university. Starting 2020, in addition to those who plan to go to university, we also recruited those who plan to go to graduate school and be engaged in the "studies related to earth and environmental resources" for scholarship with the aim of promoting sustainability and SDGs.
*The Coca-Cola Foundation scholars are recruited through each high school every fall.

Support for environmental education

The Coca-Cola Foundation is a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation that awards the “Coca-Cola Environmental Prize” to young people in each region who conduct environmental volunteer activities to promote and support community-based environmental education and environment conservation.

Energizing Communities through Sports

Community Activities of our Hockey Club

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Holdings Group contributes to the revitalization of local economy through its business and works on various support activities while being constantly aware of community challenges. We operate the company sports "Coca-Cola Red Sparks Hockey Club (Women)". And the team not only delivers excitement to the local people through the games, but also creates opportunities for the young people to exercise, improve their technical abilities, and communicate safer instruction methods through the sports clinic. The team actively participates in local events to help the local people to create a bright and vibrant community and a society in which everyone can live actively and healthily.

Red Sparks Hockey Team

Red Sparks Hockey Team

The Coca-Cola Red Sparks women’s field hockey team is based in Hiroshima and is a member of the Hockey Japan League (HJL). Amid the restrictions placed on practices and games, the women’s field hockey team won three major domestic championship titles* for the first time since the team was formed. The team has received numerous awards from local governments and regions for its achievements, including both the Hiroshima Prefecture Governor’s Physical Education and Sports Award, and the Hiroshima Citizens Award (2020).

  • Sports Clinic/Hockey Class : Held 16 times, attended by 938 people (2019)
  • Participation in cleaning activities: Hiroshima Flower Festival/Zero Waste Clean Walk Hiroshima
  • Participation in Community Activities: Hiroshima International Peace Marathon "Runner participation", NPO Top Sports Club Network Thanksgiving Festival 2019 "Street fund-raising activity", "Reconstruction Sports Event" for 2018 West Japan Torrential Rains, etc.

For the first time, the women’s field hockeyteam won three annual domestic titles

Plant tours

Plant tours are a method of direct communication with stakeholders, especially consumers and business partners. We offer tours of the Zao Plant (Miyagi Prefecture), Tama Plant (Tokyo), Tokai Plant (Aichi Prefecture), Kyoto Plant (Kyoto Prefecture), and Ebino Plant (Miyazaki Prefecture). Aiming for a partner trusted by everyone, we are using our plant tours to communicate The Coca-Cola Company’s production processes and food safety initiatives so that consumers can feel confident in choosing The Coca-Cola Company’s products. In 2019, we had approximately 170,000 visitors.
In October 2020, a tour facility was completed inside the new Hiroshima Plant (Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture).

Zao Plant (Miyagi Prefecture)

Tama Plant (Tokyo)

Tokai Plant (Aichi Prefecture)

Kyoto Plant (Kyoto Prefecture)

Hiroshima Plant (Hiroshima Prefecture)

Ebino Plant (Miyazaki Prefecture)

Birth of Hiroshima Plant

The Hongo Plant (in Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture) that suffered devastating damages from the heavy rains in the western Japan in July 2018 was relocated to a site in the same city and reborn as the Hiroshima Plant in June 2020. In October 2020, a plant tour facility was completed. In efforts to become a symbol of reconstruction for not only our employees but also the people in the community, we will further contribute to the recovery and development of the community through the plant and deliver safe, secure, and valuable products.
* The schedule of starting plant tours in Hiroshima Plant has not be decided.

Online plant tours

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the plant tours have been suspended since the end of February 2020. However, the "Online Plant Tour" in which you can remotely participate from anywhere across the country whether you are at home or in school, and the "Virtual Plant Tour" where you can watch videos introducing the production lines and experience the "Coca-Cola Test" are available on our website. We look forward to your "visits".

Summer School

Our plants that have plant tours organize the "Summer School" targeting local children and their guardians.This program has special contents that covers not only various initiatives such as quality control in The Coca-Cola Company’s production processes and water resource conservation activities, but also "IN IKU", "hydration", and "initiatives for World Without Waste" in addition to the normal plant tour.
This program was canceled in 2020 to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but in 2019, we had around 1,600 customers who experienced the program.

Let's Enjoy the Environment in a Foreign Language

Supported by Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, Kyoto Plant offers “Let’s Enjoy Learning about the Environment in Other Languages,” in which participants enjoy studying about the environment, interspersed with foreign languages.
Families selected from open entry experience programs developed by the students based on the theme of a foreign language and the environment, incorporating “plays” and “experiments,” as they learn about environmental issues while familiarizing themselves with a foreign language.

Open communication and correct information

In the Coca-Cola system, we strive to provide easy-to-understand product information to consumers so they can manage their health and choose the beverages best suited to their individual needs. This includes product explanations on our website and calorie information on the front of nearly all Coca-Cola Company products*.

Furthermore, Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Holdings Inc. conducts programs for local community residents in order to help support active, healthy lives and lifestyles through beverages.

* Front-of-package calorie information is not provided for fountain beverages (including products for in-cup vending machines and dispensers), returnable bottles, powdered products, diluted products, or water (non-sugar and unflavored).

Hydration seminars

Hydration seminars

There has been an increase in heatstroke and other health incidents related to high temperatures and humidity in recent years, and proper hydration during daily life and recreational activities has become more important than ever. Since we manufacture and sell beverages, we work toward the prevention of heatstroke through providing hydration seminars for schools, various organizations, and companies.

At these seminars, we communicate the importance of hydration and replenishing minerals, and the basics of preventing heatstroke.

In 2019, we had 38 seminars and enjoyed roughly 6100 participants.However, in 2020, due to the impact of COVID-19, we held only 2 seminars with around 240 participants. Going forward, we will contribute to the prevention of heat stroke by utilizing the web meeting system to communicate knowledge on correct hydration to more people.

Drink Education seminars

Drink Education seminars Drink Education seminars

In addition to communicating correct hydration, we hold IN IKU seminars to introduce various types of soft drinks and explain how to choose the right drink for each occasion and physical condition. In this seminar, we cover the characteristics and differences between FOSHU and Foods with Function Claims, which are often confused with each other, and explain how to read ingredients, nutrition, calories, and expiration date and other information on labels that are useful when selecting products.
In 2019, we held IN IKU seminars that are combined with the popular summer holiday plant tours at the Zao Plant, Tama Plant, Tokai Plant, Kyoto Plant, and Ebino Plant, where approximately 1,900 elementary school students and their guardians participated.
* Canceled in 2020 due to the suspension of the plant tour.

Supporting Consumers' Health with an Extensive Product Line-up

We offer a wide product line-up adapted to diverse needs. We have responded to growing health consciousness with products such as mineral water, non-sugar tea, and no-calorie beverages, and in recent years we have also expanded our line-up to include Foods for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU) and Foods with Function Claims. We support our consumers' lifestyles through products that provide overall refreshment and contribute to improving health.

Products and services that support consumers' health

Coke ON Walk

Coke ON is a smartphone app that enables consumers to collect one stamp for each beverage purchased at compatible vending machines and then receive a drink voucher when they have collected 15 stamps. The app now features the Coke ON Walk function, which enables consumers to collect stamps for achieving certain walking targets. Through rewards for reaching cumulative step goals and special events, we help consumers develop healthy habits.

Coke ON Walk


We are expanding the ways in which we can support a variety of consumer lifestyles by proposing a range of mocktail (non-alcoholic cocktail) recipes for the enjoyment of people who do not drink alcohol.


Drinks with no artificial coloring

“Fanta Grape” and “Fanta Orange” have no artificial flavors or coloring, and “Minute Maid Qoo Wakuwaku Orange” has no preservatives or artificial coloring.

Drinks with no artificial coloring

Various package sizes and PET bottle shapes

We offer a wide range of packages, from drinking scenes and sizes to suit your taste, to easy-to-reach designs and shapes that are easy to recycle after drinking.

Peko Raku Bottle

The “Peko Raku Bottle” is not just crushable, but compared to conventional PET bottles, it is easier to “hold” and “pour”.
The “Peko Raku Bottle” weighs just 29g, and its polygonal design means that the bottle can be easily crushed by lightly pressing down in a diagonal direction.

Air Bottle

The Air Bottle was introduced for the “AQUARIUS” sports drink 500ml PET in 2010. Its ergonomic design allows consumers to easily hold the bottle, and the air cushion-like feel offers a comfortable grip.

Tenipita (perfect grip) bottle

Welcoming Consumers from Overseas

As the number of tourists and foreign residents in Japan has increased in recent years, the Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Holdings Inc. Group(CCBJH Group) has been taking part in business initiatives for the development of regional areas. We are committed to making products available to customers around the world with peace of mind.

Providing multilingual POP communication materials

We have prepared multilingual POP materials (in-store supplementary materials) to help consumers from many nations conveniently purchase products they trust. Coordinating with our business partners, we will offer materials at restaurants so that consumers from overseas can easily order and enjoy Coca-Cola products. On our vending machines, information is also displayed in multiple languages and, with the help of a smartphone, product information can be accessed in up to 15 languages (Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Thai, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Arabic). We aim to expand the number of multilingual vending machines by 2021.

Development of visitor-friendly vending machines

Previous vending machines were not designed in a way that took the needs of non-Japanese consumers into consideration, even in locations with many tourists. Accordingly, we developed a vending machine that makes it easy for consumers from overseas to select and purchase beverages. We installed the first such machine in Asakusa, a historic district that attracts many overseas visitors.
These vending machines are covered in appealing,original Japanese-style art and display information in multiple languages. The product line-up includes Coca-Cola and Fanta, brands familiar to overseas consumers from many countries, as well as beverage flavors that are exclusive to Japan. Information can also be viewed on local tourist attractions by scanning a QR code,which was added to help consumers have an even more satisfying experience.

Partnerships with local governments inspired by the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020

With the start of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, CCBJI will work closely with local governments as a partner in the region, as well as invigorate local communities, promote education, and support human resource development. We have concluded comprehensive agreements in many regions to promote efforts to improve civilians’ lives in a wide variety of fields, including crime prevention, disaster prevention, health, and sports.



Vending machines to build momentum for the Olympics and support athletes

In cooperation with the Coca-Cola (Japan) Company, which is the Presenting Partner of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay, we developed the “Coca-Cola Olympic Torch Relay Memorial Vending Machine” exclusively for local areas through which the torch relay passes, to support the fostering of regional momentum toward the Olympic and Paralympic Games and regional revitalization initiatives. We are also developing the “JOC Olympic Support Vending Machine” and the “JPC Paralympic Support Vending Machine” to support top athletes aiming to participate in the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

JOC Olympic Support
Vending Machine

JPC Paralympic Support
Vending Machine

コカ・コーラ 聖火リレーメモリアル自販機

Coca-Cola Olympic Torch Relay Memorial
Vending Machine

Next venue Previous venue


Basic principle on communities

We will further deepen the bonds we have cultivated with our local communities over long period of time and prosper together with the society towards sustainable future.
As a company cherished by all the people, we will continuously activate communities and materialize CSV (Creating Shared Value) with the society by facing challenges tackled by the society and local communities.

Policy on communities

We operate our business along with the following environmental policy, guidelines and definitions

  1. Materializing CSV (Creating Shared Value) with society
    We will materialize CSV (Creating Shared Value) by making contributions to local economies through our businesses including sales activities and generation of employment and engage in various support in response to the challenges and issues local communities face at all times.
  2. Dialogue and engagement with stakeholders in the communities
    We carry out various activities with collecting the needs of local communities at all times. Upon implementing the activities, we keep in mind having dialogue and engagement with more diverse and greater number of stakeholders.
  3. Guidelines on support*
    When marketing is involved, we understand and comply with the policies stipulated by The Coca-Cola Company(TCCC)including “Responsible Marketing Policy” and “Global School Beverage Guidelines”. Bylaws correspond to the following guidelines upon implementing activities.
    • It shall align with Our Mission, Vision, Value.
    • Upon supporting an event, it shall be aimed at resulting in CSV (Creating Shared Value) with society, which also enables us to win publicity, and to make diverse and greater number of stakeholders including employees engaged and participate.
    • We never support organizations or entities that discriminate based on race, gender, skin color, nationality or social origin, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity.
    • We basically do not support individuals, religious endeavors, political, legislative, lobbying or organizations.
    • *Note that we follow the definitions of “Organize”, “Sponsor”, “Partner” “Support” and “Marketing” as stated below.
      Planning, execution and management of operations by us as a main role.
      Proactive cooperation upon execution including monetary support by agreeing on the summary of a business, an activity, an event etc.
      Provide support to a plan, a business, an activity, an event, a corporation or organization to expose the company name etc.
      All of the above
      Marketing includes all commercial advertisement that can be spread to general public through media. Key objectives of the media are to promote products or influence consumer behaviors. Communication for mainly non-profit purposes such as education and public service advertising are not included.
  4. Supplementary provision
    The policy is enacted and enforced effective January 1, 2018
    (Revised in June 2021)

Basic principle on health and wellness

As a company staying close to an everyday life of consumers, we will offer valuable products and services that meet needs and tastes of wide range of generations by always considering health and wellness as top priority.
In addition, we will strive to help people maintain and enhance wellness through raising awareness for a proper eating and drinking habit and providing opportunities to enjoy sports, and will propose active and healthy lifestyles.

Policy on health and wellness

We operate our business along with the following policy on health and wellness.

  1. Disseminate information on products and services
    1. We work hard to offer products and services that contribute to maintenance and enhancement of health and wellness including FOSHU (Foods for specified health uses) and FFC (Foods with Function Claims) together with partner companies such as Coca-Cola (Japan) Co., Ltd.
    2. We also strive to provide comprehensive and sufficient information related to health and nutrition through indications on packages and explanations on website etc.
  2. Awareness raising and provision of programs
    We will widely communicate active and healthy lifestyles through various media through our efforts to spread correct knowledge on health and nutrition. We will actively conduct various seminars to prevent heatstroke or lifestyle diseases as well as health-related programs.
  3. Compliance of laws and regulations
    We comply to health-related laws and regulations, ordinances, various agreements and voluntary standards. We also strive to gather related information at all times and respond speedily and appropriately while closely coordinating with relevant administrative agencies, industrial organizations, NPO/NGO, academic/practitioner experts, partner companies and others.
  4. Supplementary provision
    The policy is enacted and enforced effective January 1, 2018.