Message from the President of Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan

Message from the President of Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan
Tamio Yoshimatsu Representative Director & President
Message from the President of Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan
Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. (CCBJI) is a company operating in a vast business territory covering Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and 35 more prefectures, and representing approximately 90% of total sales volume yielded by the entire Coca-Cola system in Japan. In terms of revenue※, CCBJI is the largest Coca-Cola bottling company not only in this country, but in the whole of Asia, and also the third largest among the 250-plus Coca-Cola bottlers around the world.
Moderate growth trend is expected to continue in the domestic beverage market, driven by intensifying competition, increase of beverage consumption per capita, and diversification of customer and consumer needs. Since the inception of CCBJI in April 1, 2017, Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan has been continuing its transformational process to fully integrate the organizations and businesses of its group companies with a sense of speed, based on the underlying corporate principle of operating as “one company under one management”. As of January 1, 2018, CCBJI has started anew in its pursuit of driving the growth of the entire Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan group further by operating as a newly integrated company formed through the merger of two legacy operating companies, Coca-Cola West that ran its business across Kinki, Chugoku, Shikoku and Kyushu regions, and Coca-Coca East Japan that covered Metropolitan Tokyo, Tokai and southern Tohoku regions as its business territory.
Through this merger that allowed us to bring together all the wisdom and expertise of the two operating companies, the new-born CCBJI will be able to respond more quickly than ever to the dynamic changes in business environment and local needs of all the communities it serves, while further bolstering its competitiveness. We intend to accelerate the growth of Coca-Cola business and contribute to the development of the entire beverage industry in Japan by delivering safe products of high quality in a more efficient manner realized through the execution of sales activities tailored to meet the area-specific needs of customers and consumers in every region and continuous improvements in our manufacturing capabilities to ensure enhanced productivity.
The term “Bottlers” included in our trade name is in plural form. It represents our collective will to embark on a new journey by inheriting the traditional values established by our predecessors and embodying the loyal spirit of all the employees in the original 12 legacy bottlers that have joined forces in the making of CCBJI.
Over 60 years have passed since the first domestic Coca-Cola bottling company was founded in 1956. CCBJI seeks to become an excellent company with dignity that fuses all the business experiences and know-how gained and accumulated by the legacy bottlers in this country through these long years, and evolve, at the same time, into a total beverage company that can consistently provide high added values to all its stakeholders consisting of consumers, customers, shareholders, communities, and employees by delivering happy, refreshing moments in widely varying occasions with products that they can embrace throughout their lifetime.
※Simple aggregation of the revenue of Coca-Cola West and Coca-Cola East Japan as of the end of 2016