Message from the President of Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan

Message from the President of Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan
Reaffirming our position as one of the world's leading and Asia's largest bottlers
Established in April 2017, Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan is the result of the merger of 12 Coca-Cola bottler companies from across Japan. With business operations covering Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and 35 prefectures, we are the largest Coca-Cola bottler of the Coca-Cola system in Japan, responsible for approximately 90% of sales volume. Among an approximate 225 worldwide bottling partners, we are one of the largest in Asia in terms of revenue and one of the leading bottlers in the world.
“We bottle happy moments.”
Our mission is to “deliver happy moments to everyone while creating value.” We aim to be an integral part of your daily life, bringing happy moments through our products and services that forge connections into the future. In recent years, I have seen how the daily dedication of all employees to our mission has accelerated our transformation and aided growth. To further our mission, we have developed a new corporate message, “We bottle happy moments,” to enhance communication with our stakeholders and society. Our objective is to continue creating value and ensure that this message reaches a wide audience in the future.
Creating Shared Value with society
To respond to recent, drastic changes in the business environment, our business has been maintaining agile growth. While providing significant value to society through our business activities, we seek to expand our presence in nurturing prosperity together with our stakeholders. To this end, our company has adopted the concept of Creating Shared Value (CSV) as a cornerstone of management.
The Coca-Cola system in Japan has formulated a Sustainability Framework and is promoting activities in each of its three platforms of Inclusion, Communities, and Resources. To this end, we have established CSV Goals as specific targets based on this Sustainability Framework. In 2023, we examined existing material issues and reaffirmed 13 of these as unique to our company. By linking them to our Value Creation Process, we have detailed our vision in the form of a Value Creation Story for each of the 13 material issues, including "Sustainable Supply Chain," "Packaging and Recycling (Circular Economy)," " Mitigation of and Adaptation to Climate Change," "Water Stewardship," and "Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I)." Each of these efforts are in progress. Additionally, in June 2023, we published our first Integrated Report, consolidating our previously separate Annual Review and CSV Reports.
Toward future sustainable growth
We have formulated our strategic business plan “Vision 2028," which will run through to 2028. We have been driving our transformation to build a solid foundation for growth. Going forward we aim to achieve steady business growth by leveraging the established foundation and the insights gained from navigating recent business headwinds. We have set ambitious goals that extend beyond 2028 to drive continued growth. We will steadily implement key initiatives and accelerate our transformation with the united efforts of all employees, based on our firm belief that “business as usual is not an option.”
Our driving force is the desire to create value for our stakeholders and to continue as the preferred partner for decades to come. We are committed to making great strides forward toward sustainable growth and improved corporate value by delivering happy moments to everyone while creating value.
Thank you for your continued understanding and support.

Calin Dragan
Representative Director, President and CEO