Value Creation Cycle

Value Creation Cycle

Toward Realizing Our Mission
of Achieving Sustainable Growth

The CCBJH Group aims to create both social and economic value and
achieve sustainable growth by using water and other indispensable
natural resources responsibly to provide all its customers
high-quality value-added products, while working in collaboration
with The Coca-Cola Company and the members of the Coca-Cola system in Japan.

CSV Model

Our input includes water and other indispensable natural resources, a diverse and inclusive human resource base, different work styles, advanced technology, strong marketing and sales capability, and the strength of The Coca-Cola Company brands

With CSV at the core of our management, we work to meet the needs of our customers through our enhanced value chain

We return value to stakeholders by contributing through our business activities to positive change in the environment, daily life, and our communities

We deliver happy moments to everyone while creating value through our products and services


Natural capital
  • Water, which is the source of our value creation, and other natural resources
Intellectual capital
  • Key global brands, led by "Coca-Cola," and brands loved in Japan
  • Marketing and R&D expertise to meet the needs of our customers
  • Close relationships with The Coca-Cola Company, including the Coca-Cola (Japan) Company, and members of the Coca-Cola system in Japan
Manufactured capital
  • A raw materials procurement network that facilitates the production of safe and trustworthy products
  • Cutting-edge management systems, facilities, and technology in our production plants
  • A network of vending machines covering our entire sales area
Human capital
  • Employment of diverse and inclusive human resources
  • Different work styles that allow employees to maximize their talents
Social capital
  • The trust of our stakeholders and their support for CSV initiatives
  • Close involvement in activities throughout our sales area
Financial capital
  • Good stewardship of capital
  • Solid balance sheet
  • Shareholder returns

Business Model

In our beverage business, which accounts for more than 95% of the CCBJH Group's revenue in 2019, we aim to deliver to our customers the beverages they want, when and where they want them. To make this a reality, we aim to achieve best-in-class innovation and operations while collaborating with The Coca-Cola Company and members of the Coca-Cola system in Japan. Creating shared value is at the core of our business because we believe opportunities for the Group's further growth come from helping address social issues.

The Coca-Cola system in Japan

The Coca-Cola system in Japan is composed of Coca-Cola (Japan) Co., Ltd.—which supplies beverage bases, plans and develops new products, and conducts marketing activities—as well as five bottling partners and other affiliated companies that manufacture or sell products and retrieve their containers.


While rapidly responding to changes in society and the market environment, the CCBJH Group works to achieve its mission to "Deliver happy moments to everyone while creating value" through our products and services, and by creating products that not only meet customer needs now but will also fulfill unmet needs.

Returning Value to Nature & Society

We cannot achieve sustainable growth by simply reinvesting profits back into our business. That is why the CCBJH Group is collaborating with communities to strengthen initiatives to revitalize those communities and to address the issues they face. We are also committed to giving back to nature, since natural resources are limited and we recognize our responsibility to handle them with future generations in mind. We believe improving the sustainability of our communities and the environment (natural resources) through CSV initiatives is a driver of growth for the CCBJH Group.