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  • Tell me how to apply for a job.

    The application method for the mid-Mid-Career Recruitment varies depending on the job.
    For details, please refer to the "View All Jobs" page.

  • Tell me about the trainings after joining the company.

    After joining, you will have an orientation program for mid-career hires.
    We focus on people development, and provide wide-ranging educational programs via e-learning and correspondence courses that match the skill enhancement needs of individual employees, in addition to internal trainings by level and selective-type trainings.
    For details, please refer to the "Career Development & Trainings" page.

  • Tell me about workstyles in Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan.

    We introduced the work-from-home, satellite office work, super-flex, and direct-market/direct-home for the sales positions, to allow employees to set working hours and place of work according to individual's lifestyles. We promote flexible workstyles by increasing the options for workplace and working hours.

  • Tell me about the difference between Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan and Coca-Cola Japan.

    Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan is engaged in the manufacturing, sales, logistics, and collection of products, while Coca-Cola Japan is engaged in the supply of product concentrate and marketing activities including planning & development and advertisement of products.
    We manufacture products under strict quality management at each plant, and through customers' outlets and vending machines, deliver Coca-Cola products to consumers.
    For details, please refer to the "Coca-Cola System in Japan" page.


  • 2021.12.27
    We have redesigned our Mid-Career Recruitment website.