Becoming an owner

Becoming an owner

Customers considering the purchase or the lease of machines such as vending machines, coolers, and dispensers should read the following information.
This information describes the process from initial inquiry to installation.

Becoming an owner

STEP.01 Contact from the Customer

Contact us using the following information. A local sales representative will contact you after reviewing the details of your inquiry.
You and the sales representative will set up a time that is convenient for you at which the sales representative will meet with you and go over the products/services.

STEP.02 Visit from Sales Representative

The sales representative will visit you at a time convenient for you.
The sales representative will get a detailed understanding of your desired product/service, provide information, and answer all of your questions.

STEP.03 Submission of Sales Proposal and Estimates

The sales representative will prepare a proposal of the equipment that best suits your needs.
The sales representative will also take this opportunity to explain the details of the service and process in preparation for the installation.

STEP.04 Contract

After all terms are agreeable by both parties, the contract will be formalized and finalized.
At starting of the contract, please discuss any remaining concerns or questions with your sales representative.
Once the contract is finalized, we will promptly begin preparing for installation of the sales equipment.

STEP.05 Install the Equipment at a Date Convenient for You

One of our partners will install the equipment under the direction of sales representative.
You can begin service as soon as the equipment is installed and setup.
* It normally takes approximately 2 hours from the completion of the installation before the equipment can begin service.