Enhanced sales support

Enhanced sales support

Top-class support services

Equipment Performance

We have a variety of state-of-the-art equipment available to meet the needs of our customers, from drink dispensers, refrigerated showcases, and juice servers to coffee machines and drink bar equipment. One of the features of our equipment is that you can enjoy the smooth operation for a long time.

Equipment Support

Our telephone service helps you keep your business going. Please feel at ease that there is no cost for you to bear for the maintenance services or parts replacement for malfunctioning machines.

Thorough support system

We have a professional after-service system in place to ensure the delivery of safe and secure Coca-Cola products from you to your customers.

Comment from Equipment staff

Takashi Nishizawa
Kanagawa Region Manager,
Field Technical Service Dept 1
Commercial Equipment Management

We have 42 technical service staff members who are in charge of Kanagawa to provide full 365-day services for repairs, maintenance, sanitation, and quality control for Coca-Cola’s sales equipment installed at customers’ locations.
We have a thorough and professional service system in place to send our staff promptly to customers in case of equipment malfunction.
For dispensers and CUP vending machines, our exclusively assigned service staff will ensure sanitation and quality control so that you can serve the high-quality Coca-Cola products to your customers safely at all times.
We strive to improve our technical capabilities through training by special in-house instructors and licensing program for quality assurance skills in order to satisfy the high market requests. We are also committed to ensuring you provide your customers with Coca-Cola products in reliable quality without experiencing loss of sales opportunities.

Daisuke Kaneko
Kanagawa Region Service Technician
Field Technical Service Dept 1
Commercial Equipment Management

I visit customers to provide technical services such as repairs, maintenance work, and periodic inspections for vending machines, dispensers, and other sales equipment to keep quality.
Our service staff’s activities are in line with detailed guidelines not only for technical skills but also the selection of best procedures and tools to use onsite and customer relations.
We believe that remaining faithful to the basics when providing services leads to fast and accurate repairs and inspections, resulting in minimizing the impact on your sales.
Our goal is to ensure all of our equipment in the market are in sound operation at all times without any malfunctioning. When we repair machines onsite, we don’t only fix particular parts but also provide maintenance services to prevent other possible failures.
I make daily efforts to prevent malfunctioning of the machines in my assigned area and ensure you offer Coca-Cola products to your customers safely.