Received Special Award in "IT Japan Award 2109"!

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Coke mini, our new service for offices,
received Special Award in "IT Japan Award 2109"!

A new service for offices with a small cooler and QR code payment feature called "Coke mini".
The service of "Coke mini" that has been popular since the launch in November, 2018, received a Special Award in "IT Japan Award 2019" of "Nikkei Computer"!!!

  • イベントの様子

Tomio Kikyobara-sama from Selection Committee of IT Japan Award 2019 (second to the left) and our Coke mini team

The "IT Japan Award", which marks its 13th year, selects and awards the companies with outstanding IT application featured in the articles in a magazine called "Nikkei Computer" from May, 2018 to April, 2019. The magazine evaluated "Coke mini" highly for realizing Internet of Things (IoT) in a pseudo manner; "Coke mini" allows Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. to grasp sales and inventory status on a real-time basis through QR code payments, without setting up a communication line.
This initiative was featured under the title "Unusual IoT Sales Equipment -- Application of QR code payment; We didn’t think of that" in the November 22 issue of Nikkei Computer.

【Coke mini features】
・The service is offered with small coolers that are installable even in small offices without a space to install a VM.
・Complete cashless payments by reading QR codes on smartphone
* The service is available in Tokyo only as at June, 2019. The areas with service availability is going to be expanded.

Please see the following for details of our new service for offices, "Coke mini".