Easy contactless payment with your smartphones! – Coke mini

Coke mini is a service which offers QR code payment with small coolers.

A selection of smart phone payment apps is now available from a single QR code.

About Coke mini service

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    Close to you and convenient!
    This is a new service offered in small coolers, optimal for small-sized offices. And with affordable pricing!
  • 2
    All you need is space and electricity!
    We will install the cooler safely at your designated location. Power supply (100V/15A) will be required, so please confirm access to an outlet.
    (width 424mm depth 440mm height 844mm)
  • 3
    Product lineup is yours to choose!
    Select 7 drinks from a rich lineup of Coca-Cola products. Products can also be replaced periodically when new products are launched.
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    Completely cash-free and convenient!
    Simple payment using QR codes
    Done using your smartphone.
    (You will be required to download a QR payment app.*)
  • 5
    Special benefits by helping with simple tasks!
    We would like your support to fill the coolers, etc. when drinks are delivered approx. once a week. Special benefits will be offered to those who take part.
  • 6
    No cost to install!
    ‘Zero’ equipment cost, ‘zero’ installation fee.
    The products in the cooler are also owned by us, so no need to purchase new drinks.

* "PayPay", "LINE Pay", "d Payment", "Merpay", "ApplePay", "GooglePay", "Paidy", "WeChat Pay", "ALIPAY" and "au PAY" are available from the QR code. "Rakuten Pay" is not available at this time.

*Coke mini business in 38 prefectures including Tokyo and Osaka.

Easy to buy!

  1. Scan

    ・Scan the QR code with your payment app or camera app

    → The product selection page will appear.

  2. Select a product
    Select a product

    ・Tap on a product to purchase

    ※ You can select multiple products to purchase together.

  3. Select a payment app
    Select a payment app

    ・Tap on an app for payment

    ※ More payment apps will become available in the future.

  4. Make a payment
    Make a payment

    ・Your selected app page will open.
    Follow the prompts and finalize your payment.

  5. Finish

    ・Your payment is now completed.
    Pick up your product.

Select 7 drinks of your choice from Coca-Cola's full lineup

Samples of drinks you can choose

Service area

*Coke mini business in 38 prefectures including Tokyo and Osaka.