Signing of Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement with Moriyama City, Shiga Prefecture Installation of our first Food Loss Prevention Vending Machine

On April 16, Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. concluded a Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement for the development of Moriyama City, Shiga Prefecture and the local communities and improving resident services.

Photo from the signing ceremony
(From left, Moriyama City Mayor Kazuhiro Miyamoto,
Keisuke Seki, Central Japan District Manager, CCBJI Vending Area Sales )

■Beverage base for Coca-Cola products produced in Moriyama City

Moriyama City, which faces Japan's largest lake, Lake Biwa, is located southwest of Shiga Prefecture. And the beverage base for the Coca-Cola products we produce is created in Coca-Cola Japan's Moriyama Plant, located here in Moriyama City. The beverage base for various Coca-Cola products including Coca-Cola, and other new and classic products are produced in this plant and delivered to us, the bottlers. The base, for the drinks you enjoy, come from Moriyama City and the place holds strong meaning for us.

*For more information about Moriyama Plant, please check the Coca-Cola Japan website (Japanese).

■Installation of our first Food Loss Prevention Vending Machine as per the agreement

Based on the Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement, our first Food Loss Prevention Vending Machine was installed in Moriyama City as a new initiative. This food loss prevention vending machine sells products that have become surplus stock at about half the usual price, along with regular products. This action aims at reducing food loss, one of the 17 SDGs goals (12. Responsible Consumption and Production), and endorses the NO-FOODLOSS PROJECT, led by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. *Click here for details.

[Outline of Food Loss Prevention Vending Machine]
Location: Moriyama City Environmental Learning City Declaration Memorial Park Exchange Center Facility
Shiga Moriyama City Environmental Learning City Declaration Memorial Park 1-1
Food Loss Prevention Product selling price: About half the normal price

■"MOTTAINAI for food, once again"

Products in surplus stock are no different from regular products aside from the shorter expiration date (approx. 2 months), and we hope that selling Food Loss Prevention Products at lower prices will increase shoppers' opportunities to purchase our products and trigger an improvement in shopper food loss awareness.

CCBJI will continue to collaborate in various areas including the revitalization of the community and contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.

<Introducing Moriyama City, Shiga Prefecture>

Moriyama City is located in the southwest part of Shiga Prefecture, adjacent to Lake Biwa. Misaki Nature Park can be found northwest of the city, where visitors can study about the environment, enjoy camping and barbecue.

・About Misaki Nature Park (Japanese)

It has an old history, with national historical sites such as Shimonogo and Ise ruins, representative of the Yayoi period, and in the Edo period, it flourished as one of the post stations on the Gokaido and Nakasendo.

・Designated cultural assets of Moriyama City (Japanese)

National historic site: Shimonogo ruins
(photo of moated settlement study)

City designated cultural property: stone signpost
(along Nakasendo)