Participates in "Environmental Forum in Yamanashi" to think about the future of plastics! - Let's create a circle of plastic waste countermeasures! -

Under the theme of "Think about the future of plastics with us," Ryuichiro Maruyama of our CSV Department appeared on the stage at the "Environment Forum in Yamanashi" hosted by Yamanashi Prefecture and gave a lecture.

In the lecture, Maruyama explained the "2030 Packaging Vision" which CCBJI aims for and initiatives to protect the environment in Yamanashi Prefecture. He also participated in a panel discussion with alpinist Ken Noguchi, Professor Hidehiro Kaneko, University of Yamanashi, and Mr. Tsuyoshi Yamauchi from Kameoka City, Kyoto Prefecture, where he exchanged lively discussions on the theme of "Promotion of plastic waste countermeasures through an integrated effort of the people, business operators, and the government of Kyoto Prefecture."

From the left; Prof. Hidehiro Kaneko, University of Yamanashi, alpinist Ken Noguchi, Ryuichiro Maruyama,
Head of CSV Dept at CCBJI, and Mr. Tsuyoshi Yamauchi, Kameoka City Office, Kyoto Prefecture

In the forum, Mr. Noguchi said, "To take actions against plastic waste, it is important to create a circle ('環' in kanji), which is included in the word '環境' (meaning environment)." CCBJI, which hoists the "2030 Packaging Vision (*)," will also create a circle of "collaboration with partners" and work toward achieving its targets. The video of the event is also available on Yamanashi Prefecture's official YouTube channel.

*Click here for "2030 Packaging Vision"

Our lecture:
Panel Discussion:

■Our relationship with Yamanashi Prefecture

Our Hakushu Plant, located in Hakushu-cho, Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture, serves as an important base for the manufacturing of "I LOHAS" and delivers Yamanashi's delicious mineral water to many areas.

"I LOHAS Tennensui" uses 100% recycled PET bottle which adopts an environment-friendly design.

* At the back of the PET bottle in the picture, you can see the statue of Takeda Shingen, a symbol of Kai Province, which is Yamanashi Prefecture today.

In July this year, we also concluded the "Collaboration agreement for the nurturing of water resources" with Yamanashi Prefecture. See here for details.

As a company that uses the indispensable resource of water, we will continue to work closely with Yamanashi Prefecture on efforts to replenish water sources that nature abundant groundwater.