October is designated as the "3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) Promotion Month". Let's take this opportunity and think about an eco-friendly life!

Are you familiar with the term "3Rs"? The "3Rs" collectively refer to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. The month of October is designated as the "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Promotion Month" every year by eight relevant ministries and agencies; including the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of the Environment; and various enlightenment activities are implemented. (*1)
Especially this year, paid shopping bags started, and a campaign "Let's reduce shopping bags together" is being rolled out by the Ministry of Environment to shift to a new shipping style in which everyone brings their own bags.
(*1) From the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry website (Japanese)

As a total beverage company, Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan is putting a range of activities in place to realize the World Without Waste.

1. "Study Recycling Together" was held jointly by Universal Studios Japan, Coca-Cola (Japan), and Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan

Universal Studios Japan and its official corporate marketing partners, Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. and Coca-Cola (Japan) Co. Ltd. (hereafter "Coca-Cola System"), jointly held on September 24 a recycling enlightenment event, "Universal Studios Japan x Coca-Cola Study Recycling Together", under the theme of "how we can best use PET bottles in the times of today", at Stage 33 in the park.

PET bottles can be reused as various products if they are appropriately collected and recycled. The event featured originally designed "eco bags" that are made from Coca-Cola's PET bottles actually collected in the park, and presented the recycling process with full of entertaining essences such as songs and dances. The event also conveyed the importance of appropriately separating waste and collecting clean PET bottles.

As for the "eco bags" appeared in the event, a total of approximately 20,000 of them will be distributed to elementary school students in Osaka City from early October, in cooperation with the city government. We hope these eco bags will help children, who will lead the next generation, and many other people feel closer to eco-friendly lifestyles.

◆Other events to win "eco bags"

Sakishima Kids EXPO 2020
Date: November 7 (Sat) & 8 (Sun), 2020
Venue: Osaka ATC, Osaka Sakishima Cosmo Tower
* A limited number of eco bags will be offered to the visitors. Please note this giveaway will end when no more bags are available.
* For details, please refer to Sakishima Kids EXPO website.
https://www.atc-co.com/kodomo-expo2020/ (Japanese)

◆Click here for our news release related to these events

Our news release illustrates Universal Studios Japan's commitment to environmental conservation and Coca-Cola system's efforts in sustainability.

2. Installation of "original wrapping vending machine with PET bottle recycle promotional design"

An "original wrapping vending machine with PET bottle recycle promotional design" was placed for the first time in Japan in the parking of Shikoku Aquarium opened on June 1, 2020.
The vending machine depicts a story with messages from Coca-Cola products to inspire people to raise awareness and take actions to put empty bottles in a recycle box.
For details, click here

3. 100% recycled PET "I LOHAS Tennensui Label-less"

"I LOHAS Tennensui Label-less" was released in April this year. The product is becoming popular because there is no need to remove the label for easy separation of waste.

< Features of "I LOHAS Tennensui Label-less" >

・Eco friendly and also user friendly
Easy waste separation and plastic waste reductions.
・"PET bottles are not waste but are valuable resources" - 100% recycled PET bottles for ecological consideration
Bottle-to-Bottle recycling of used PET to new PET for the best use of resources.
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◆For other environmental efforts by Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan, click here:


The "3Rs" of "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle" are something each one of us can do in our daily lives. Together, let's thinking about "3Rs"-conscious, earth-friendly life!