June is World Environment Month:
Let's deepen your understanding of "how PET bottles are not waste but resources" and get a gift!

"I LOHAS Tennensui Label-Free" launched in April
It is no longer necessary to remove PET bottle labels and is easy to separate waste, which is gathering attention!
Do you know that June is the "World Environment Month," which was established by the United Nations (UN)? We would like to introduce "I LOHAS Tennensui Label-Free" and other sustainable packaging initiatives.

"World Environment Month"

In response to a proposal made by Japan, the UN has designated June 5 as "World Environmental Day." In Japan, "Environment Day" is stipulated by the "Basic Environment Law" (1993).
*Source: MOE website

Characteristics of "I LOHAS Tennensui Label-Free"

1. Label-free, eco-friendly and hassle-free!

As it eliminates extra work, it becomes easier to separate waste and reduces plastic waste! Needless to say, it is easy to crush!

*This product is available for case sales only. Regulatory labeling, This is water indicated on the outside of the cardboard boxes, which makes it possible for such label-free products to be sold.

2. Stylish bottle design

The bottle is shaped to remind you of water (clear stream in Japan) and has a sophisticated design with the "I LOHAS" logo embossed on it. This makes you feel you want to carry it with you when you go out.

I LOHAS Tennensui Label-free 560ml

3. Environmentally-friendly 100% recycled PET bottles

In addition to the label-free bottles, all "I LOHAS Tennensui" PET bottles are made from recycled PET bottles. Furthermore, bottle-to-bottle recycling, which is a process to convert used PET bottles into new PET bottles, makes the best use of resources.

The Coca-Cola system aims to achieve its global target "World Without Waste."
Based on one of its pillars, the "2030 Packaging Vision," we aim to achieve a "bottle-to-bottle" recycled PET resin utilization rate of 90% by 2030. Furthermore, we also aim to utilize 100% sustainable materials that do not use fossil fuels, along with plant-based materials.

PET bottles are valuable resources.

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan is committed to carrying out various activities towards the realization of a "World Without Waste" as a leading beverage manufacturer.
Your cooperation in the promoting "bottle-to-bottle" activities will be appreciated.

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◆Sparky, the mascot of the Coca-Cola Red Sparks, is also introducing our initiative on YouTube. Please check it out!

Quiz! Check your understanding of PET bottles!

Q1.What is the cycle for making recycled PET bottles called?
Q2.What percentage of recycled PET bottle material is used in an "I LOHAS Tennensui" bottle?

This time, we will give away a case of I LOHAS Tennensui Label-Free 560ml (24 bottles) to 5 people!

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