"Agreement on Comprehensive Collaboration" concluded with Kami-machi, Miyagi Prefecture towards collaboration in various fields including revitalization of community

On March 16, 2020, Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. concluded the "Agreement on Comprehensive Collaboration" with Kami-machi, Miyagi Prefecture.

Kami-machi is a registered host town of the Republic of Chile for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020. In particular, Kami-machi was registered as an "Arigato" Host Town for Supporting Reconstruction, based on the history of exchange with Minamisanriku-cho and the Republic of Chile.

Background till registration as "Arigato" Host Town for Supporting Reconstruction

Minamisanriku-cho serves as a bridge for the exchange between Kami-machi and the Republic of Chile.

A strong bond was built between Kami-machi and Minamisanriku-cho because of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Kami-machi supported reconstruction of the disaster-hit areas including Minamisanriku-cho by accommodating residents of the coastal area, and the exchange between the two towns has continued ever since.

Likewise, Minamisanriku-cho and the Republic of Chile also have a history of exchange for more than 60 years. After the Great Chilean Earthquake of 1960, the parties concluded an amiable agreement, and in 1991, a Moai statue, newly created by a Chilean sculptor, was presented to Minamisanriku-cho as a sign of the friendship.

Although the statue was swept away by tsunami in the Great East Japan Earthquake, a new Moai statue was presented to Minamisanriku-cho in 2013, and a long exchange has continued in aftermath of such disaster support.

To express gratitude for the support from the Republic of Chile, Kami-machi, which has been exchanging with Minamisanriku-cho, assumed the role as a host town, on behalf of Minamisanriku-cho, which is still focusing on reconstruction.

CCBJI collaborates in community revitalization of Kami-machi

< Kamigo, official character of Kami-machi, Miyagi Prefecture >

CCBJI will closely collaborate in such initiatives of Kami-machi, while aiming for improvement of town services and growth and development of the community. At the same time, we will promote revitalization of the community including creation of momentum for the Olympics, and work on initiatives that lead to improvement in the lives of the town people in various areas such as health, sports, childcare, and crime/disaster prevention.

At the signing ceremony, Kami-machi Town Mayor Hirobumi Inomata commented, "We have shared the same thought with Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. in proceeding with revitalization of the community. We will work together in efforts such as collaboration in Osaki Koudo initiative (Details are available here)."

Kazuhiro Sato, Head of South Tohoku District Sales, CCBJI, also talked about his expectations for community contribution, "As a community-based company, we will promote community revitalization including fostering of momentum for the Olympic and Paralympic, and work on collaborative initiatives."