Supporting "Osaki Koudo" with Our Vending Machines! CCBJI Concluded "Partnership Agreement on Conservation and Utilization of Global Agricultural Heritage"!

On Thursday, November 28, Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. signed a "Partnership Agreement on Conservation and Utilization of Global Agricultural Heritage" with 1 city and 4 towns (Osaki-shi, Kami-machi, Wakuya-cho, and Misato-machi)in the region of Osaki in North Miyagi Prefecture.

"Osaki Koudo" in the region of Osaki in Miyagi Prefecture was certified as "Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems" in 2017. The purposes of this partnership agreement are to advertise "Osaki Koudo" and donate a part of our sales to the city and towns for their promotion projects by installing "Osaki Koudo, Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems, Support VM" so that we can further promote people development and revitalization of the region.

What is Osaki Koudo?

The Osaki region is one of the leading grain-producing regions that was developed with paddy farming since the middle ages. However, because of its unique terrain, it has known many water and cold-weather damages in its history, and to cope with this harsh environment, they have inherited an ingenious water management system from the Kamakura period. They also have a traditional social structure called "Keiyakuko" as well as the biodiversity nurtured by its rich paddy fields and waterways.

What are Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS)?

It is a certification system managed by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Its purpose is to maintain and inherit the systems of traditional agriculture that are important to the world as the region-unique cultures and biodiversity are diminishing since the introduction of modern agriculture. In Japan, there are 11 regions that are certified as GIAHS as of December, 2019.

Mr. Yasushi Ito, mayor of Osaki-shi, as well as the mayors of 4 towns in the region of Osaki, and Kazuhiro Sato, Head of the North Tohoku region CCBJI, attended the signing ceremony. Mr. Ito said "A partnership between "Osaki Koudo that has been certified as "Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems" by a global organization and globally-known Coca-Cola is very encouraging".

【Osaki Koudo Support VM 】

The Osaki Koudo Support VM shown in the picture is installed in various facilities in Osaki, and a part of the sales will be donated to the region of Osaki.

Both Ishinomaki SC and Furukawa SC under Miyagi branch that is in charge of this area presented their commitment by saying "By installing Osaki Koudo Support VM, we will further cherish the connection with the region. We also hope to contribute to the region and expand our sales while working together with relevant departments."

The region of Osaki has many popular sightseeing spots, including "Narukokyo", which is known for its hot spring and colored leaves in autumn, "Kabukurinuma", which is known as one of the largest destination that white-fronted goose come flying to, "Yubikan", which is the oldest Han school in Japan, and other architectures associated with the history of Date, such as "Iwadeyama Castle".

Please stop by to quench your thirst when you see the Osaki Koudo Support VM when you come here for sightseeing!