Health Management

Health Management

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Initiatives for Health Management

Objective of health management promotion

We will promote wellbeing through health management in order to achieve CCBJI’s Mission of delivering happy moments to everyone while creating value.

Health management that CCBJI aims to achieve

Upholding our health declaration of -"Road to 100,” aiming to stay healthy even at the age of 100-, we will support employees’ daily promotion of health so that they can spend happy moments both during their employment and after their retirement.

コカ・コーラ ボトラーズジャパン健康宣言『Sawayaka Style』

President’s Health Management Message

Our mission is to deliver happy moments to everyone while creating value. As a company that stays close to people's daily lives, we always put our top priority on health and contribute to the realization of a healthy and prosperous future by providing valuable products and services to our customers.
To this end, we believe that, as a premise, each of our employees needs to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, and work safely and happily.

Calin Dragan, Representative Director, President & CEO

My health promotion efforts

As the chief health management officer of the Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Group, I am also working to maintain and promote health with the aim of staying healthy even at the age of 100 ("Road to 100"). In order to maximize the results of my work, it is essential to be healthy both physically and mentally, and therefore, I try to exercise and eat a balanced diet every day. To continue exercising, I try to set aside time to go to the gym before the start of work on weekdays, and stick to the schedule whenever I can. Of course, frequent hydration is also important. Exercising, along with my weekend walks, is a good way for me to refresh myself.

Basic Policies of Health Management

In order to improve health issues and promote the health management that CCBJI aims for, we have established five basic policies and are implementing various initiatives.

Five basic policies

Prepare a safe working environment
Improve health risks (early detection/early treatment)
Enhance opportunities for self-reflection on one's health
Promote diverse work styles
Promote healthy lifestyles

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Health Management Strategy Map

[Management Issues To Be Solved by Health Management]
In order to respond to environmental issues and the diverse needs of our customers and consumers, and for the company and its employees to continue to grow together in a sustainable manner, we believe that it is necessary to build a workplace environment in which diverse and multifaceted employees can stay healthy, feel fulfilled, and thrive.

[Expected Effects of Implementing Health Management]
We need to improve health risks and increase productivity and operational quality, so that our employees can be healthy, feel fulfilled, and thrive. As an improvement measure, we have introduced a program called the “Sawayaka Challenge”, as we believe that the most important thing in maintaining a suitable body is to make exercise a habit.
Our goal is to increase the percentage of employees in the habit of exercising from the current 24% to over 60% by 2025. By doing so, we hope to improve productivity and achieve a presenteeism loss of less than 10%.

By visualizing and organizing the connection between our health management goals, basic policies, tasks, and health-related measures, we are working on various health management measures with an awareness of the management issues that we want to solve.

CCBJI健康経営 戦略マップ

Health Management Promotion Structure

Organization/cooperative structure

While the representative director, who is the chief health management officer, involves the management, the Health and Safety Promotion Section, which is responsible for health management promotion, collaborates with the labor union and industrial health staff to promote health across the Group.

System for responding to health consultations

The internal consultation desk has set up health promotion offices in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka to provide face-to-face and online consultations.
The external consultation desk has a 24-hour telephone service to provide health consultations for employees and their families.

Internal consultation desk

External consultation desk

Details and Results of the Initiatives

The details of our health promotion initiatives and results are available. See here for details.

FY2023 Health White Paper (PDF)

Main initiative details

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Prepare a safe working environment
● Health and safety system

We are working to maintain a safe and secure environment by deciding company-wide policies at a health and safety meeting body between labor and management and cooperating with subcommittees.

● Risk assessment

We continue to conduct risk assessments and implement risk mitigation measures based on the survey results. We are working to improve the work environment by sharing efforts of each site and roll them out to other sites.

● Safety training

Utilizing the Safety Learning Center established in the Nagoya Office in 2021, we are working on the improvement of our understanding of hazards through hands-on safety training.

● Accident investigation meeting

When an occupational accident occurs, an accident investigation meeting is held to investigate the true cause of the accident using Fishbone and Five Whys. By formulating preventive measures, we lead to the prevention of the recurrence of similar accidents.

Improve health risks (early detection/early treatment)
● Early return of health checkup results

We have consolidated contracted medical institutions to reduce the time from medical examinations to the return of diagnosis results within one month, and have established a system that can promptly notify patients of disease risks.

● Encourage employees to undergo secondary checkups

In order to ensure that employees with findings in the health checkup results are reexamined we classify risks into three levels, and make public health nurses encourage them to take the secondary checkups in the order of those with higher risks, leading to an improvement in the rate of employees taking the checkup.

● Voluntary health checkups

We have established a system that allows employees to undergo voluntary health checkups (complete medical examinations, etc.) for virtually zero yen with a subsidy of up to 22,000 yen from the Company and a subsidy from the health insurance association.

Enhance opportunities for self-reflection on one's health
● Introduce WellGo, a health app

The WellGo health app is installed on smartphones lent to all employees, and a system is in place that allows them to manage their own health comprehensively.

● Digitalize health checkup results

With the introduction of the WellGo health app, it is now possible to check the results of past health checkups on the web or through smartphones lent to all employees.

● Stress checks

Stress checks are conducted on all employees to prevent mental illness.

● Improve health literacy

We strive to improve employee literacy through seminars, e-learning, and video distribution related to health management.

Promote diverse work styles
● Super Flex/telecommuting

We have introduced Super Flex as a flex system that does not have core time, and we support a well-balanced lifestyle in combination with telecommuting, etc.

● Childcare leave

In order to raise awareness of childcare leave among men, we hand “Papa Aprons” to male employees who have a newborn baby, asking for the cooperation of those around them for their childcare leave, and encouraging them to take childcare leave.

● Leave after getting sick

We offer “Special Paid Leave for Outpatient Treatment”, “Outpatient Leave When Returning to Work” and shortened work hours that can be used for leaves of absence and medical treatments.

● Short-term family care leave/Family care leave

When a request is made to take leave to care for a family member who is in need of nursing care, an employee may take five days of paid leave a year per target person, and a total of 365 days of family care leave can be taken.

Promote healthy lifestyles
● Walking events

Using the WellGo health app, we hold a walking event called Sawayaka Walk to support exercise habits and encourage communication among employees.

● Making it a habit of recording body weight/blood pressure

Through events to record daily body weight and blood pressure over a month on the WellGo health app, we promote healthy lifestyle of employees. (Body weight: April, blood pressure: May)

● Smoking cessation promotion

In 2019, we established a smoking cessation roadmap and introduced smoking cessation rules in stages. From January 2023, we started the company-wide total smoking ban.

Women's seminar

The Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Holdings Group regards the promotion of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) as one of our priorities in the management strategy. In order to respond to environmental issues and the diverse needs of our consumers, and customers, and for us to grow in a sustainable manner, we place importance on diversity and build a workplace environment in which each employee with various backgrounds and values can demonstrate their abilities without forgetting their ambition to learn and improve.

From the perspective that it is important to understand the differences in body by gender and face the health of oneself and colleagues when working, we invited Dr. Takao, an obstetrician and gynecologist, to hold a lecture on discovering the differences between men and women.
While reviewing the contents they had learned in their health and physical education classes as students, participants enjoyed listening to Dr. Takao's easy-to-understand and amusing talk.

Click here for details of initiatives on “Inclusion”

Major metrics improvements

Since we started the health management, there have been some years when it has worsened due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other factors, but now we are seeing gradual improvement effects.

Employees’ health status

2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Regular health check 95.4% 96.9% 97.3% 99.7% -
Post-regular health check detailed testing 50.8% 45.2% 44.3% 54.1% -
High-risk patient health guidance*1 21.9% 38.0% - 2.3% -
High-risk patients 10.2% 10.5% 13.8% 10.0% -
Appropriate weight employees
*Those with BMI of 18.5 to 24
60.5% 56.8% 56.1% 55.8% -
Habitual exercisers 21.0% 21.7% 24.1% 25.5% -
Get enough sleep to be well-rested 61.8% 61.9% 66.8% 69.6% -
Habitual alcohol drinkers - - 14.1% 13.4% -
Blood pressure risks
*% of those with systolic blood pressure of 180 mmHg or higher, or diastolic blood pressure of 110 mmHg or higher
0.2% 2.1% 3.3% 3.0% -
Blood sugar risks
*% of those with fasting blood sugar levels of 200 mg/dl or more
0.6% 0.8% 0.8% 0.7% -
Poorly-managed diabetes
*% of those with 0.8% HbA1 or higher
- 0.2% 0.2% 1.8% -
Employees on sick leave - 0.5% 0.6% 0.5% -
Employees who have taken the stress check 88.0% 88.0% 90.0% 92.3% 94.0%
High stress from the stress check 12.7% 14.3% 10.5% 16.6% 14.2%
Presenteeism*2 - 11.3% 11.2% 90.3% -
Absenteeism (absent due to illness) *3 - 1.34 day 1.26 day 1.8 day -

*1 There are uncalculated periods due to changes of health insurance
*2 Presenteeism calculation method: Changed to University of Tokyo Single-Item Presenteeism in 2021
*3 Absenteeism calculation method: Calculated based on long-term absentees results since 2021

Other metrics

Most Recent Situation
Participation in widely-implemented employee initiatives ・Walking events participants: approx. 7,500 employees
No. of registered teams: 250
Employee health literacy Mental Health e-Learning attendance rate: 85.3%
Employee satisfaction with each initiative Walking events: 87% of survey respondents said they would participate again
Working hours (overtime, etc.) 11.9 hours
Usage of paid leave (annual leave usage rate, etc.) 37.0%
Turnover 7.3%
Work engagement*4 68.9%
Link to other metrics
(See the link on the right for metrics other than Working Hours above.)

*4 Work engagement calculation method: BJI original survey

Support for Employees and Family Members

We provide a variety of support for our employees to continue working in good health, and in the era of the 100-year lifetime, to help them stay healthy even after their retirement.

  • Support for improving exercise habits
    (Subsidies for company club fees, gym usage fees, sport events incl. marathons, etc.)
    Support for company club fees
    Voluntary participation in a runner's event
    Support for sports club fees
    sport events incl marathon

Co-Creation of Health With Local Communities

● Drink Education seminars

In addition to communicating correct hydration, we hold Drink Education seminars to introduce various types of soft drinks and explain how to choose the right drink for each occasion and physical condition.

● Support for people with disabilities

Besides supporting athletes, we established a special subsidiary in 2019 with the aim of providing a working environment where people with disabilities can demonstrate their respective strengths and play an active role.

Supporting activities of para and deaf athletes

Laundry operation at a special subsidiary

● Sports clinic

Through hockey classes conducted by Coca-Cola Red Sparks Hockey Club and dispatches of instructors to elementary schools, we contribute to the creation of a society where everyone can live an active and healthy life.

● Wellness programs

In collaboration with Asken, an app for recording and improving dietary habits, we started a program in 2023 to support vending machine customers in using the app.

Recognized as “Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization (White 500)”

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. has been recognized as a “Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization (White 500)”


In March 2024, we were recognized as a “Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization (White 500) for 2022,” jointly approved by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Nippon Kenko Kaigi.

We have positioned health management as one of our top management priorities, and are working to foster a corporate culture of “Health Comes First” through a variety of initiatives to maintain and improve the health of our employees.
For us, the principle of "safety and health take top priority" is at the basis of business continuity. In this declaration, we reaffirm our resolve that there is no work important enough to jeopardize the safety and health of the employees and the people around them, or to run the risk of getting hurt.

We will continue to promote and develop health management through various initiatives.

■METI website

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan’s Future

The Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Group aims to achieve sustainable growth together with its employees, and as part of its efforts related to our most valuable asset, human resources, we are striving to create a workplace environment in which diverse and multifaceted individuals can thrive. And maintaining and enhancing the health of the human resources, our workers, is one of our key management issues.
The company-wide initiatives related to health and safety is led by the Health and Safety Promotion Section, which is a dedicated department, in the planning and promotion. Working with industrial physicians and public health nurses to establish a health and safety backup system, analyze the implementation and results of initiatives, identify the challenges and what can be done to improve them while checking the best practice, we are promoting the creation of a better workplace environment.