Health Management

Health Management

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan's Initiative for Health Management

The Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Group aims to achieve sustainable growth together with its employees, and as part of its efforts related to our most valuable asset, human resources, we are striving to create a work environment in which diverse and multifaceted individuals can thrive.
Maintaining and enhancing the health of our employees is one of our key management imperatives, and we strive to nurture a corporate culture of “Health Comes First,” with the aim of staying healthy even at the age of 100 (“Road to 100”). This initiative is led by Calin Dragan, President and Representative Director, acting as the Chief Health Management Officer, while Narihiko Uemura, the Head of HR & General Affairs, is promoting the planning and implementation of specific measures as the Chief Health Management Promotion Officer.

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Health Declaration “Sawayaka Style”

*Sawayaka Style is a general term for activities that create an environment where employees can work comfortably by welcoming and respecting diverse personalities and positive ways of thinking.

Basic Policy of Health Management

Our mission is to make our customers happy by providing them with safe, secure, and comfortable services and excellent quality Coca-Cola products, and we believe that maintaining and improving the physical and mental health of our employees is the most important task for us to maintain our position as a leading company in the beverage industry.
In order to achieve this, each employee must recognize and act on their responsibility to independently maintain and enhance their own health.
We appoint the HR Officer as the Health Management Promotion Officer under the Representative Director and President, to actively promote health management based on five basic policies.

Health Management Basic Policy

Basic Policy Key Tasks and Initiatives
Prepare a safe working environment (Safety)
  • Create promotion system
  • Strengthen support systems to support employee health
Improve health risks (Start) (early detection/early treatment)
  • Encourage employees to undergo secondary checkups
  • Mental health measures
Enhance opportunities for self-reflection on one’s health (Self)
  • Increase % of health checks
  • Introduce a health management system
Promote diverse work styles (Smart)
  • Offer diverse work style options
  • Time management
Promote healthy lifestyles (Sawayaka)
  • Sawayaka Challenge

CCBJI Health Management Strategy Map

[Management Issues to be solved by Health Management]
In order to respond to environmental issues and the diverse needs of our customers and consumers, and for the company and its employees to continue to grow together in a sustainable manner, we believe that it is necessary to build a work environment in which diverse and multifaceted employees can stay healthy, feel fulfilled, and thrive.

[Expected Effects of Implementing Health Management]
We need to improve health risks and increase productivity and operational quality, so that our employees can be healthy, feel fulfilled, and thrive. As an improvement measure, we have introduced a program called the “Sawayaka Challenge”, as we believe that the most important thing in maintaining a suitable body is to make a habit of exercise.
Our goal is to increase the percentage of employees in the habit of exercising from the current 24% to over 60% by 2025. By doing so, we hope to improve productivity and achieve a presenteeism loss of less than 10%.

By visualizing and organizing the connection between our health management goals, basic policies, tasks, and health-related measures, we are working on various health management measures with an awareness of the management issues that we want to solve.

CCBJI Health Management Strategy Map

Develop a safe working environment

  • The General Affairs Dept. will lead the initiatives with the HR & GA officer as the Health Management Promotion Officer, working together on the Safety & Health Committee's safety & health management activities, medical support for industrial physicians, and the health services of the Health Insurance Association.
  • Based on an accurate understanding of the employees' health conditions, we will promote various health-enhancing initiatives.

Health management promotion structure

Health management promotion structure

Strengthening support systems to support employee health

  • Establishment of a specialized organization in the company
    In January 2020, HR and GA established the "Health and Safety Promotion Section" to develop a support system for employees to continue working in health, safely and comfortably.
  • Reinforce the industrial health system
    A "Supervisory Industrial Physician" has been appointed to offer advice from an objective perspective on the health issues facing Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan, and a structure has been developed for speedy action to resolve companywide issues.

Improve health risks (early detection/early treatment)

We will continue to analyze and visualize the results of health checks, and reduce the risk of lifestyle-related diseases by responding promptly, and strive to prevent illnesses and severe complications.

Health checks

  • Regular health check examinations
  • System to support costs of comprehensive health checks
    Each year, 20,000 yen worth of health promotion points are awarded for cancer screenings (gastric cancer screening, colorectal cancer screening, abdominal ultrasonography, breast cancer screening, uterine cancer screening, etc.), and up to 22,000 yen in subsidies are provided.
  • Addressing matters after a health check (encourage examination by a medical institution, health guidance)

Lifestyle disease prevention measures

  • Sale of blood pressure meters for home use at reasonable prices, for those found to have blood pressure issues
  • Addressing matters after a medical examination (encourage check-up by a medical institution, health guidance)

Mental health measures・Conduct stress checks as required

  • Encourage high stress employees to meet with doctors
  • Health literacy training (line care, self care)
  • Use of external counseling services

Infection control

  • Flu vaccinations offered at the office (approved as part of work) and cost support
  • Installation of hand disinfectants, etc.
  • Distribution of masks for employees

Workplace COVID-19 vaccinations

To accelerate vaccinations against COVID-19, achieve herd immunity at an early stage, and contribute to the resumption of economic activities, we administered the vaccine in the workplace from June to August 2021.

Vaccinations were conducted at our Akasaka Office in Tokyo, our Okegawa Office in Saitama, our Nagoya Office in Aichi, our Senrioka Office in Osaka, and our Fukuoka Office in Fukuoka; approximately 10,800 Group employees (including those indirectly employed), their families, and suppliers were vaccinated.

To allow employees who desire to receive the vaccination to flexibly secure time, the CCBJI Group permits such employees to receive a shot even during their work hours, and exempts them from work during such time. And if such employees become unwell due to side effects of the vaccine on the day of receiving the vaccine and find it difficult to work, they are eligible to take a special paid leave for the day. If they become unwell on the following day or later, they are eligible to take one day of special paid leave in principle.

Enhancement of opportunities to face one's own health

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan has HR systems in place allowing employees to enjoy work without concerns.

  • Salary coverage during sick leave
    In order to allow employees to concentrate on their medical treatments with peace of mind, we have introduced a system in which the Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Group Mutual Aid Association provides salary coverage of up to 33 months during the period of leave.
  • Support after returning to work
    Systems for staggered work hours, shorter work hours, and special paid leave for hospital visits have been introduced to allow employees to continue working while receiving medical treatment after returning to work.
  • Promotion of bicycle commuting
    In order to adapt to the ways of working and living in the “with Corona” era, we have started to implement new internal regulations aimed at promoting bicycle commuting among our employees.
    By allowing employees to choose to commute by bicycle instead of on crowded public transportation, such as trains and buses, we are trying to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection.
  • Revamping the health management system
    In order to achieve “smart management” by promoting work efficiency through IT implementation, smartphones were distributed to all employees.
    We have implemented a smartphone-compatible health management system that supports independent health maintenance and promotion activities through the health checkup result confirmation, weight and blood pressure management, and health quiz functions.
  • Launch health improvement points
    We have introduced a system in which employees enrolled in the health insurance plan are uniformly given 20,000 points and those who take on the challenge of maintaining and improving their health are given additional Sawayaka Challenge Points, which can be exchanged for health goods.

To facilitate telecommuting and remote work, we are promoting flexible ways of working in the “with Covid-19” era by distributing smartphones to all employees, preparing the network environment, allowing off-peak commuting, and introducing the Super Flex system to enable various work styles. We will continue to protect the health of our employees and fulfill our mission to “deliver happy moments to everyone while creating value” by delivering safe and reliable products.

Promotion of diverse work styles

Various work styles are being practiced, and we have introduced initiatives to promote telecommuting, shorten the total working hours, encourage annual paid leave, support childcare/nursing care, and help employees balance their work and home lives as well as their work and medical treatments.

Optimize working hours

  • Ensure proper management of working hours
    We have introduced a system for pre-approval of work outside designated working hours using a smartphone app distributed to employees, and have a structure in place to ensure accurate time management by linking the clocked hours to the attendance system.
    The overtime advance application rate is approximately 90%, leading to thorough and appropriate time management.
  • Introduction of the Super Flex system
    We introduced a flex system (Super Flex) with no core time.
    Combined with the new normal working style (telecommuting, etc.), we will try to create lifestyle balance.

Support for balancing medical treatments and work

  • We offer “Special Paid Leave for Outpatient Treatments”, “Special Paid Leave when Returning to Work” and shortened work hours that can be used for leaves of absence and medical treatments.
  • We allow telecommuting, and have prepared 104 satellite offices nationwide.
  • We offer a return-to-work program to support employees’ smooth return to work after sick leave.
    (E.g.: Return-to-work training, industrial physician interview to return to work, follow-up after returning to work, etc.)
  • We have updated the medical treatment guidebook sent out to employees, so that they can focus on their treatment with peace of mind.

Promotion of a healthy lifestyle Lifestyle improvement

Lifestyle improvement

Every year, we conduct an awareness survey on employees’ lifestyles, and gain an awareness of the lifestyle habits that employees themselves feel they need to work on.
The key to better lifestyle habits is for employees to work actively to maintain and improve their own health, and we offer a program called the “Sawayaka Challenge!!” to promote efforts to improve lifestyle habits.
*The Sawayaka Challenge initiative separates lifestyle habits into five categories in order to improve on them.

Sawayaka challenge!!
2018 2019 2020 2021
Regular health check rate 95.4% 96.9% 97.3% -
Post-regular health check detailed testing rate 50.8% 45.2% 44.3% -
High-risk patient health guidance rate - - 50.8% 53.0%
High-risk patient treatment continuity rate 10.2% 10.5% 13.8% -
% of individuals maintaining an appropriate weight
*Those with a BMI between 18.5 to 25
60.5% 56.8% 56.1% -
% of habitual exercisers 21.0% 21.7% 24.1% -
% of those who get enough sleep to be well-rested 61.8% 61.9% 66.8% -
% of habitual alcohol drinkers - - 14.1% -
% of those with high-risk blood pressure
*% of those with systolic blood pressure of 180 mmHg or higher,
or diastolic blood pressure of 110 mmHg or higher
0.2% 2.1% 3.3% -
% of those with high-risk blood sugar
*% of those with fasting blood sugar levels of 200 mg/DL or more
0.6% 0.8% 0.8% -
% of those with poorly-managed diabetes
*% of those with HbA1c of 8.0% or above
- 0.2% 0.2% -
% of employees on sick leave - 0.5% 0.6% -
% of employees who have done stress check 88.0% 88.0% 90.0% 92.3%
% of those deemed “high stress” by stress check 12.7% 14.3% 10.5% 16.6%
Presenteeism - 11.3% 11.2% 10.5%
Absenteeism (absent due to illness) - 1.34 days 1.26 days 1.20 days
Most Recent Situation
Participation in widely-implemented measures for employees # of participants in the Walking Events: 7,500 ppl. (about 50% of the total # of possible participants who have the app)
# of teams registered: 294 teams
Employee health literacy Mental Health e-Learning attendance rate 88.5%
COVID-19 e-Learning attendance rare 82.9%
Employee satisfaction with each initiative Employee satisfaction with Walking Events: 3.45 points on a 5-point scale
Satisfaction with workplace COVID-19 vaccinations 99% said they were satisfied
Working hours (overtime, etc.) 10.2 hours
Usage of paid leave (annual leave usage rate, etc.) 48.0%
Turnover 9.1%
Work engagement 62.6%
Link to other metrics
(You can check the status of metrics beyond the Working Hours shown above.)

Improve exercise habits

  • Organized Sawayaka Walk in 2021
    In 2019, when the Sawayaka Walk event was first launched, approximately 1,000 employees participated in the event using our pre-existing app. Now that many of our employees are working from home due to COVID-19, they feel that they are not getting enough exercise or communicating enough with other, so as a measure to promote this, we regularly hold Sawayaka Walk events using Sawayaka Challenge, a smartphone app that we developed exclusively for walking.

    Sawayaka Challenge is an original app, developed in-house, that displays the number of steps you have walked and the percentage of your goal achieved on a daily and weekly basis. In addition to ranking the top employees based on the total number of steps they have taken, the app also has a function that displays the ranking of team competitions, in which employees can participate in teams organized by their departments or branches, in order to foster communication, given that opportunities to talk face-to-face with our colleagues are decreasing. In addition to promoting employee health, the system is used to revitalize communication and team building among employees who continue to work from home. The 4th event was a major company-wide effort, with approximately 7,500 employees (50%) participating.
  • Support to improve exercise habits
    (Support for company club fees, sports club fees, sport events incl. marathon, etc.)
    Support for company club fees
    Voluntary participation in a runner's event
    Support for sports club fees
    sport events incl marathon

Better diet initiatives

  • Implemented a diet improvement program
    We implemented a diet program for employees thinking about improving their health.
    We offered a program for healthy weight loss to our HQ employees, done simply by replacing daily lunches with a healthy lunch set.

    The programs aims to help employees attain the optimal weight and body fat ratio by having them eat healthy lunch sets for a month and then measuring any bodily changes using a professional body composition scale. Some employees were able to lose 3kg during the program.

No smoking initiatives

From Jan. 2020
Banned smoking during work hours
Closed smoking area in offices/sites to address secondhand smoke issues
June 2020
The Chief of Health Management (President Calin Dragan) sent a message on World No-Tobacco Day
July 2020
Kicked off the Sawayaka Quit Smoking challenge
Recruited for challenge participants by offering 3 different action plans. 120 people are currently taking the challenge.
Sept. 2020
Joined the No Smoking Promotion Business Consortium
June 2021
Set one non-smoking day per month from June 2021, and one per week from June 2020
Jan. 2023
Will announce prohibition of smoking on all company premises, including outdoor areas

Recognized as “Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization (White 500)”

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Co., Inc. has been recognized as a “Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization (White 500)”


Mar. 2021
We have been recognized as a “Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization (White 500) for 2021,” jointly approved by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Nippon Kenko Kaigi.

We have positioned health management as one of our top management priorities, and are working to foster a corporate culture of “Health Comes First” through a variety of initiatives to maintain and improve the health of our employees.
For us, the principle of "safety and health take top priority" is at the basis of business continuity. In this declaration, we reaffirm our resolve that there is no work important enough to jeopardize the safety and health of the employees and the people around them, or to run the risk of getting hurt.

We will continue to promote and develop health management through various initiatives.

■METI website

We aim to become a leading health management company

We will continue to promote and develop health management through various initiatives.
Under such circumstances, as a company whose mission is to create value by delivering happy moments to all people, we will continue to implement various initiatives to ensure that we do not stop our progress in health management and aim to become a model health management company.

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