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News Release

Joint development with Fukuoka University & Mizuno Launch of support clothing to alleviate physical stress

Jul 20, 2020
Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.

New Release




July 20, 2020

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.




Joint development with Fukuoka University & Mizuno

Launch of support clothing to alleviate physical stress

 Original tights and shoes for vending sales staff


Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. (Headquarters in Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director & President Calin Dragan; hereafter “CCBJI”) worked jointly with Fukuoka University (Head office: Fukuoka City, President: Keijiro Saku; hereinafter referred to as "Fukuoka University") and Mizuno Corporation (Headquarters: Suminoe-ku, Osaka, President: Akihito Mizuno; hereinafter referred to as “Mizuno”) to develop and launch CCBJI-original “Assist Tights” for the company’s vending machine sales personnel, with the aim to streamline operations and to alleviate physical stress.

The new Assist Tights are based on analysis conducted by Fukuoka University (Prof. Hiroyuki Nunome, Dept. of Sports Science) and Mizuno of body stress and movement experienced by vending machine sales personnel on their daily routes. Mizuno has developed compression-type high-performance tights, similar to those athletes use to improve competitive performance, which are expected to help reduce the physical stress our vending sales personnel experience on the job.

In addition, the motion analysis showed a work-load reduction benefit from wearing specialty Mizuno shoes, so we have incorporated these shoes into employees’ company uniforms.

Reduced physical stress from the assist tights helps promote what we call “smart management,” to encourage an overall program of work-style reform across the company. This will contribute to the ongoing transformation of our vending business as announced in August 2019 in our five-year Strategic Business Plan, and will support a corporate culture of continuous learning and results-orientation under our new company Mission, Vision and Values.


【Scale of Assistance Tool Launch】
・Users: Approximately 4,500 vending sales personnel
・Area: All Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan sales regions
・Quantity distributed per person: 2 tights, 1 pair of shoes


[Introducing the developers]

●Prof. Hiroyuki Nunome, Dept. of Sports Science, Fukuoka University

Authority in the field of Biomechanics (feet).
Fellow of International Society of Biomechanics in Sports (ISBS), Board of ISBS.
Board of Japan Society of Biomechanics.
Former President of the Japanese Society of Science & Football.


[Comment from Prof. Nunome]
“Students in the laboratory also participated in the activity surveys and the analysis of body movements for the launch of the Assistance Tool.  We hope that the results of this joint research will reduce the burden on the overall work and contribute to the creation of a comfortable working environment. “


●Mizuno Corporation


Since its establishment in 1906, it has engaged in manufacturing and sales of sporting goods, etc., with the management philosophy of "contributing to society through the promotion of better sporting goods and sports" . 
The company leverages technology and knowledge cultivated in sports product development and also manufactures work wear.


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