Hakushu Plant New Line Starts Full Operation! Latest technology introduced to enhance manufacturing capacity

Apr 10, 2020
Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.

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April 10, 2020

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.



Hakushu Plant New Line Starts Full Operation! Latest technology introduced to enhance manufacturing capacity


Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. (Headquarters in Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director & President Calin Dragan; hereafter “CCBJI”) began full-scale operation of a new production line at its Hakushu Plant (Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture).


Under a plan to launch seven new beverage filling lines from 2019 to 2020 in order to respond quickly to changes in the market environment and to meet the diverse needs of consumers and customers, CCBJI began operation of a new line at the Hakushu Plant, with the following characteristics:


① Adoption of environmentally-friendly EB (Electron Beam) sterilization system
The new line makes use of electron bean sterilization without the use of chemicals, which leads to a reduction in water usage of 400 tons per day compared to the previous system.


② CCBJI’s first label-less "I LOHAS natural mineral water” bottle, to simplify package sorting and recycling
For the first time, CCBJI is producing “I LOHAS natural mineral water” without labels※ to simplify sorting and recycling of packaging material after drinking. The package is made of 100% recycled PET material, which contains natural mineral water from Hakushu.

※Stick-on package label is omitted from label-less products subject to filling on and after April 1, upon revision of the ministerial ordinance for “the Act on the Promotion of Effective Utilization of Resources for labeling of PET Bottles*” announced by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) on February 3, 2020.


Manufacturing “I LOHAS Tennensui” brand natural mineral water


“I LOHAS Tennensui” Label-less 


CCBJI will continue to systematically introduce new production capacity to establish a manufacturing supply system that can respond to changes in consumer preferences, and deliver safe and secure Coca-Cola products to the people in communities we serve.


[Comments from Bruce Herbert, Executive Officer, Head of Supply Chain (SCM), Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.]

“Hakushu Plant has had the privilege of supplying safe and delicious “I LOHAS” brand products over the years, mainly to customers in the Kanto region, sourcing natural mineral water fostered by the nature of Kai-Komagatake. Furthermore, the Hakushu Plant has been operating while taking good care of nature by purchasing renewable energy and donating part of the sales from I LOHAS to organizations working on environmental conservation.
“By starting this new production line, we will not only offer customers more "I LOHAS" brand products, but also strive to operate in a more sustainable way, while creating shared value for local communities and the environment”.


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[Overview of new production line at CCBJI Hakushu Plant]

Production capacity : 900BPM (Bottle per minute, the number of bottles manufactured per minute)
                               ※In the case of producing only small products

Production item : “I Lohas natural mineral water” etc.

Investment : Approx. 5.7 billion yen

External appearance of Hakushu Plant


New Hakushu line in operation



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