“Stone Monument Wrapped Vending Machine” in Muroto Haiko Aquarium

Oct. 16,2019

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October 16, 2019

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.





〜Unique design that makes unprecedented history of school!〜

“Stone Monument Wrapped Vending Machine” in Muroto Haiko Aquarium

  Ceremony to unveil VM also hosted by aquarium!



On Friday, October 11, Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. (Headquarters in Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director & President Calin Dragan; hereafter “CCBJI”) installed a vending machine wrapped in an unprecedented design of stone monument in “Muroto Haiko Aquarium” (Address: 533-2 Muroto Misaki-cho Muroto-shi, Manager; Motoki Wakatsuki). “Muroto Haiko Aquarium” also hosted a ceremony to unveil the vending machine on the same day.


 “Muroto Haiko Aquarium” wanted to do something to show that it was built after an elementary school as many visitors often asked, “was this aquarium an elementary school or jr. high school before?”. In order to address it, CCBJI has decided to install a vending machine.


The back and sides of “Stone Monument Wrapped Vending Machine” were painted like stone, and the name of “Shiina Elementary School” is placed on the back. The vending machine also carries the history from the opening of school in 1874 to the opening of “Muroto Haiko Aquarium” in 2018 on the left side and the school song on the right side. This is a unique vending machine with an original wrapping that you can’t find anywhere else. We hope that visitors of the aquarium, local people, and elementary school alumni enjoy this wrapped vending machine we installed as a monumental stone.    


Continuing to uphold “community-based” and “customer-centric” as the management principles, CCBJI will come close to the people’s lives and daily livings, and contribute to local communities as a total beverage company that delivers happy, refreshing moments every day, and in every occasion of their lives.





【Muroto Haiko Aquarium Manager Mr. Wakatsuki’s comments】

It was made possible to build an aquarium thanks to Shiina Elementary School that was here and we have fish to exhibit in water tanks thanks to Shiina Oshiki Association. “Muroto Haiko Aquarium” is a unique aquarium. We now even have a Stone Monument Wrapped Vending Machine installed, which answers the questions from visitors.    


I am grateful for the support and help of everyone in Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan. People say that this is the most unique stone monument in Japan, and I am very looking forward to our future.


【Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan, Head of Kochi SC, Takada’s comments】

We are very glad that we could serve the needs of the local people by installing this Stone Monument Wrapped Vending Machine. We hope that “Muroto Haiko Aquarium” continues to be loved by the local people, receives visitors from other cities and countries as well and gets even more attention. That is the future of the aquarium we would like to see. 









【Information about Muroto Haiko Aquarium】

 “Muroto Haiko Aquarium” was, as its name says (“Haiko” means closing of a school), built by renovating closed Shiina public elementary school in former Muroto-shi in Murotomisaki-cho, Muroto-shi, Kochi Prefecture, and opened in April 2018.


This aquarium is operated by with “NPO Sea Turtle Association of Japan” that conducts biological researches of sea turtles by having full-time worker in Muroto-shi since 2003 and in cooperation with Fixed Net Association. “Muroto Haiko Aquarium” was built by using the facilities of “Shiina Elementary School” that has been closed and leveraging the relationships with people in fishery in order to continue researches in Muroto.   











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