First in Nara! The ceremony to unveil the 1st crime and delinquency prevention support vending machine held!

Sep. 19,2019

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September 19, 2019

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.




First in Nara! The ceremony to unveil the 1st crime and delinquency prevention support vending machine held!

Designed by university student crime prevention volunteers.

Part of proceeds to be used for crime prevention!






Coca-Cola Bottler's Japan (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Kalin Dragan) held on September 19th the ceremony to unveil the Nara’s first “crime and delinquency prevention support vending machine” installed in the Higashiikoma campus of Tezukayama University in cooperation with “Applique Squadron! Nara Mamoritai”, a university students’ crime prevention volunteer group, the Community Safety Planning Section of the Nara Prefectural Police, and the Nara Crime Prevention Association.
Installed to raise an awareness of crime prevention in the prefecture, the "crime and delinquency prevention support vending machine" calls people’s attention to scams and ask for cooperation in a casual volunteer activity “watching while doing other things”. This support vending machine is characterized by special wrapping using pink and light blue as base colors designed by the members of “Applique Squadron! Nara Mamoritai”.
  Part of the proceeds from this machine will be donated to the Nara Prefectural Crime Prevention Association and used as a fund for their crime prevention activities. This is the first effort to support crime prevention activities through donation-collecting vending machine in Nara.
  Continuing to uphold “community-based” as the corporate philosophy, CCBJI will come close to the people’s lives and daily livings, and contribute to local communities as a total beverage company that delivers happy, refreshing moments every day, and in every occasion of their lives.


At the unveiling ceremony





【For reference】

“What is “Applique Squadron! Nara Mamoritai”?


"Applique Squadron! Nara Mamoritai” is a volunteer group established in 2010, consisting of university and junior college students who live in Nara or attend at schools in Nara.

The name of the organization was decided by founding members in hope that they could repair their hometown just like we sew on an “applique” to a torn dress. They wanted to ensure the town would never be torn again.

(Main activities)

・Hold regular meetings.

・ Participate in public relations/awareness-raising activities and various events organized by police stations.

・ Conduct volunteer activities related to crime prevention, traffic safety, and assistance for crime victims and others.










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