Managers present “papa apron” to male employees to encourage PAPA TIME!

Apr. 11,2019

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April 8, 2019

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.





Managers present “papa apron” to male employees to encourage PAPA TIME*!

- Encouraging male employees to take paternity leave & be involved in childrearing -



Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director & President: Calin Dragan, hereinafter referred to as CCBJI) is advancing efforts to nurture a climate that encourages male employees to be involved in childrearing and to take paternity leave, and as of January this year, we began the initiative of presenting “papa aprons” to male employees who recently became a father.

At CCBJI, we had been promoting work-life-balance to realize a workplace in which our employees are able to work energetically and in good health by creating a flexible scheme to allow diverse ways of working, including the deployment of flex time and telework, etc. Accordingly, we began the “papa apron” initiative aimed at nurturing a climate which allows ease of involvement in childrearing by male employees and taking paternity leave in order to encourage support of men’s life events essential for promoting the empowerment of women, as well as to respond to voices of employees seeking to value both work and life at home!

The “papa apron” is offered in person from the manager to the male employee who recently became a father, along with a message in support of childrearing. The purpose is not only to increase the awareness of the concerned employee to participate in childrearing but to have the entire workplace become more considerate of, to feel empathy with, and to deepen the understanding about taking part in childrearing and taking paternity leave.

The number of days of paternity leave taken by CCBJI male employees (as of April 8, 2019) has already exceeded that of 2018, and we believe that our actions to create a climate for promotion of work-life-balance including the “papa apron” is beginning to show results.

Together with Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Holdings Inc. which has been selected as the “2019 Semi-Nadeshiko Brand,” CCBJI will continue to promote diversity by creating and enriching various programs for female empowerment and diverse ways of working.


*PAPA TIME is the time a male employee spends supporting his family or spends his time as a father, with the purpose of raising awareness about making quality time at home.



“Papa apron” deployed as a tool for transforming employees’ mindset and the corporate climate





【Comment from male employee using the papa apron】

When my manager presented the apron with an encouraging message to take care of my newborn, I was motivated more than ever to be involved in the housework and in childrearing. My ”PAPA TIME” is mainly my son’s dinner time. Ever since he started eating baby food, I try as much as possible on holidays and on weekdays after work to help him with his meal.

My son smiles when I wear the “papa apron” because he seems to understand that it is time to eat. And when my family smiles because of that, there is nothing that brings me more happiness. I hope that one day when he is all grown up, that he remembers this time.


Shoma Moriyama, HR Division




【Comment from the manager】

 Ever since presenting the apron to Moriyama-san, I often hear conversations among our associates such as, “Are you wearing the apron and making PAPA TIME?”

I sense better communication in the team as the people around him become more understanding.A stable family is what leads to good work!

I hope you use the “papa apron” to spend quality time with your family.


Shuji Makiyama, HR Division











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