Utilizing “Athnavi”, the JOC’s top athlete job search support navigation system, CCBJI hires Maki Tsujimura, a goalball player, as an employee

Mar. 01,2019

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March 1, 2019

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.




Utilizing “Athnavi”, the JOC’s top athlete job search support navigation system,

CCBJI hires Maki Tsujimura, a goalball player, as an employee



Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. (Head Office: Minato Ward, Tokyo, Representative Director & President: Tamio Yoshimatsu, CCBJI hereinafter) on March 1, 2019 hired Maki Tsujimura, a goalball player, by utilizing “Athnavi”, a job search support program for top athletes run by Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC hereinafter).
Tsujimura became the third person to be hired by CCBJI utilizing “Athnavi” after Katsuji Takashima, (Jun. 2017), and Nana Chinju (Oct. 2018), both of whom are a para-equestrian.

Tsujimura won a gold medal in IBSA World Youth Tournament held in 2013, and a bronze medal in 2017 Trakai International Goalball Tournament. And also in domestic competitions, she won the first prize and was awarded as the player-of-the-tournament in the 2017 Japan Goalball Tournament, earning the reputation as a promising athlete both at home and abroad.

We expect that Tsujimura, taking on competitions with utmost efforts as a member of Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc., will further strengthen employees’ sense of oneness and inspire us.

CCBJI will continue to contribute to promotion of sports by creating environment where athletes can devote themselves to the games with a peace of mind.




【Profile of Maki Tsujimura】

■Type of sport          Goalball

■Hometown              Yokohama City, Kanagawa Pref.

■Age                        24 years old (Born in Dec. 1994)

■Major achievements
    2013 IBSA World Youth Tournament Gold medal
    2013 APC Asia Youth Para Championship Malaysia 2013 Bronze medal
    2013 Goalball Asia Pacific Championship Bronze medal
    2017 Trakai International Goalball Tournament Bronze medal 
    2017 Japan Goalball Championship 1st place, player-of-the-tournament  


【Comments from Tsujimura】

I am joining Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. through JOC’s ”Athnavi”. I appreciate that I will be able to work in a company which is popular among many people and continue to play goalball.

After joining the company, I will make efforts to make goalball known to many people, have self-awareness as a member of the society, and ensure to balance games and work to grow to be able to give back to the company with the best results.


【What is goalball】

It is a sport designed specifically for athletes with disabilities as a rehabilitation program for disabled veterans who had suffered a visual impairment in the second world war. Athletes wear a goggle called eye shade, which does not penetrate light, regardless of the degree of eyesight. Each team has 3 members. Athletes play in a court in a size of a volleyball court, and a goalpost similar to the one for soccer stands on both sides of the court. Players roll a rubber ball in a size of a basketball with bells embedded in it to compete each other by scoring. The game consists of 12-minute halves, and in case that the game results in a tie, 2 three-minute overtime periods are played. If the game is still not settled, extra throws are taken till it is settled.


【What is ”Athnavi”】

“Athnavi” has been conducted by JOC since 2010. It tries to promote mutual understanding of companies and athletes to realize matching (support and employment of top athletes) of the parties which is beneficial to both of them. By stabilizing living environment of top athletes who aim to become a world-class player, it creates environment where the athletes can continue to play sports with a peace of mind, and aims to build a win-win relationship between the both parties. In Aug. 2017, it concluded an agreement with Japan Paralympic Committee (JPC), and has been supporting employment of top athletes who aim for the Paralympics since then.


【What is IBSA】

International Blind Sports Federation is an international organization which supervises sports for people with a visual impairment.







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