Coca-Cola Slim Bottle Saitama Design helps local tourism development with part of its proceeds

Feb. 12,2019

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February 12, 2019

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.





Coca-Cola Slim Bottle Saitama Design helps local tourism development with part of its proceeds

Courtesy visit to Saitama Governor Kiyoshi Ueda to present support money certificate




Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Tamio Yoshimatsu, hereinafter referred to as the "Company") held a ceremony to present a support money certificate as the company donates part of proceeds from sale of the Cola-Cola Slim Bottle Saitama design under its agreement on alignment/cooperation in tourism with Saitama Prefecture (Governor: Kiyoshi Ueda).
In the ceremony, Yutaka Inoue, Head of Kanto Area Sales of the Company, presented the certificate to Governor Kiyoshi Ueda, saying "We hope this helps your measures to further promote tourism, as there will be the Rugby World Cup this year and the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 next year.  We want to contribute to Saitama’s tourism development with our unique initiative."  Saitama Governor Kiyoshi Ueda said, "Saitama has lots of visitors.  We'll make use of the support money for tourism in the prefecture", expressing his expectation and impression of the Saitama design and commenting on future outlook.  The money will be used to support tourism in Saitama Prefecture.
We, as a company going hand in hand with local communities, will keep this initiative ongoing in collaboration with Saitama Prefecture.


From the left to right: Head of Kanto Area Sales Yutaka Inoue, Saitama Governor Kiyoshi Ueda




【Product Overview】

The company has marketed a total of 26 variations of the Coca-Cola Slim Bottle Regional Design nationwide as special packaging to make travel more enjoyable.  Since June 2017, the company has designed bottles with symbols and tourist spots of each region, and released in respective regions only.  Those designs have enjoyed popularity among lots of people in all of those regions, as a bottle perfect for a drink with meal or for refreshment during travel, as well as for a souvenir.

The Coca-Cola Slim Bottle Saitama design has Kawagoe’s Bell Tower and Nagatoro river cruising, which are regional symbols and iconic sightseeing spots, illustrated in stylish looks.  Since the design went on sale on November 20, 2017, it has enjoyed popularity among tourists and locals.  The product is available at souvenir stores, local products shops, supermarkets, and vending machines in the area.





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