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News Release

Announcement of new service, “Coke mini”, that offers drinks at small offices

Nov 06, 2018
Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.

News Release



November 6, 2018
Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.



Completely cashless QR code payment for easier cash management

Announcement of new service, “Coke mini”, that offers drinks at small offices



Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. (Head office in Minato Ward, Tokyo, Representative Director and President Tamio Yoshimatsu, hereafter called “our company”) announced today that it has developed and rolled out a new service, “Coke mini”, to provide small offices with drinks. There are 882,000 offices in Japan with more than 10 employees but less than 30, totaling about 14 million people working at such offices. “Coke mini” is a service intended for these offices.

“Coke mini” has three features. First is that it uses small machines to be placed at a location that is not large enough for vending machines. Second is the machine allows QR code payment via a smartphone app.  User companies can select either “LINE Pay” or “Rakuten Pay (App settlement)”, and consumers use their smartphone to read the QR code on “Coke mini” and pay for the products.  Payments are limited to QR code, which allows a completely cashless system with no need of cash management.  The third point is the accurate management of sales proceeds and inventory by using the payment data, thereby avoiding sold-outs and achieving efficient product deliveries.

On the day of announcement, our VM Strategy Project Manager Kenji Sakai demonstrated the machine at Miraiyu Inc. who actually uses “Coke mini”, and Representative Director Yuya Okada made some comments.
The service will be rolled out only in Tokyo in 2018 and then expanded to other areas in 2019. 



Right :Kenji Sakai, VM Strategy Project Manager, Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.
Left  :Yuya Okada, Representative Director of Miraiyu Inc.




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【Coke mini transaction flow】


【How to use Coke mini】

1)Tap “code reader” or “QR reader” on QR payment app on smartphone. 
2)Read the QR code of the product to be purchased from Coke mini.
3)Confirm the amount and execute payment.
4)When the payment is complete, the app shows a completion screen.
5)Take the product out from the cooler.


        Coke mini




■Yuya Okada, Representative Director of Miraiyu Inc.

I saw people going out the office, taking an elevator, and going to a convenience store only to buy drinks, and I was feeling I could make some improvements when Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan offered me “Coke mini”.  I decided to use the machine because Coca-Cola has many lineups of products that are popular at our company, and there is no need of cash management. We were able to save time that would have been spent to go out and purchase drinks, and I think this will improve our productivity in the future.


■Kenji Sakai, VM Strategy Project Manager, Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.

“Coke mini” provides drinks at small offices who don’t have enough space for vending machines.  In addition, the QR code payment system lessens the burden of cash management and offers convenience and efficiency for customers.  Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan will continue to provide products and services that meet the lifestyles of our customers.




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