“Sign Language Performance Koshien support VM” was installed.

Aug. 21,2018

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August 21, 2018
Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.


To drive interactions through sign language & performances, and to help invigorate local community,

“Sign Language Performance Koshien support VM” was installed.

The unveiling ceremony took place on August 20 (Mon) at Yonago Convention Center.



Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. (HO in Minatoku, Tokyo. President and Representative Director: Tamio Yoshimatsu. Hereinafter referred to as our company) and Sign Language Performance Koshien Execution Committee (Chairman:Shinji Hirai) placed a ” Sign Language Performance Koshien support VM” at Yonago Convention Center (Tottori Prefecture) on August 20 (Mon).


After enacting ”A sign language promotion ordinance” in October 2013 to build a society where the deaf and the non-deaf people can mutually understand and coexist in harmony, Tottori Prefecture has been a host of ” National High School Student Sign Language Performance Koshien” championship each year to embody the philosophy with high school students throughout the country demonstrating various performances using sign language.


As we move forward placing the vending machine in the Prefecture with an objective to support and promote ”National High School Student Sign Language Performance Koshien Competition”, this is the fourth of such installation initiative. A portion of the sales will be donated to the Organizing Committee for their activities.


We, Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan, will continue to support grass roots activities as a company making a journey alongside local communities.



●Placement date: August 20, 2018 (Mon) 16:20-16:40
●Placement location: Yonago Convention Center 1F entrance lobby (address: 294 Suehiro-cho, Yonago-shi)
●Attendees: ・Shinji Hirai (Governor of Tottori Prefecture), Chair of Sign Language Performance Koshien Organizing Committee  

        ・Takao Ishimura, Director of Tottori Convention Bureau Foundation
        ・Shigeru Hayashibara, Assistant Section Manager, VM Sanin SC, Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.
        ・Akinori Shimogaki, Director of the Tottori association of organizations for deaf-mutes
        ・Illustrator Clara
        ・Hayate Tachibanaki, Yonago Kita High School, the 5th National High School Student Sign Language Performance Koshien championship supporter




■VM placed
 Universal (welfare) type vending machine (designed by illustrator Clara)


■Summary of the 5th National High School Student Sign Language Performance Koshien

(1) Date & time:  October 7, 2018 (Sun) from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (schedule)
(2) Venue: Yonago Convention Center multi-purpose hall
(3) Performances: Songs, dances, drama, skits etc. using sign language
(4) Participants: 20 teams (22 schools) selected from a preliminary round (4 teams participated from Tottori Prefecture)


[Teams participated (listed in the order of performance)]

1 Kotonoura Prefectural Special Needs High School (Tottori)※
2 Tottori Johoku High School (Tottori)
3 The Senior High School Affiliated with Japan Women's University (Kanagawa)※
4 Sakaiminato General Technical High School (Tottori)
5 Notre Dame SEISHIN High School・Hiroshima South Special Needs School ( School for the Deaf )※(Hiroshima)
6 Saibi High School (Ehime)※
7 Tachikawa School for the Deaf・Fujimori High School※(Tokyo)
8 Seishin Gakuen Secondary School (Nara)
9 Naruo Senior High School (Hyogo)(oath-taker)※
10 Kuroishibaru Special needs school (Kumamoto)※
11 Tokyo Metropolitan Chuo School for The Deaf (Tokyo)
12 Mawashi High School (Okinawa)
13 Kumamoto Deaf School (Kumamoto)
14 Okazaki Higashi High School (Aichi)
15 Yonago Higashi High School (Tottori)※
16 Mii High School (Fukuoka)
17 Yokohama Nanryo High School (Kanagawa)
18 Kyowa High School (Aichi)
19 Tatsuruhama High School (Ishikawa)
20 Nara prefectural school for the deaf (Nara)

※first entry team





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