6 new designs added to the popular area-exclusive bottles! "Coca-Cola" Slim Bottle Regional Design

Aug 01, 2018
Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.

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August 1, 2018

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.



6 new designs added to the popular area-exclusive bottles!

"Coca-Cola" Slim Bottle Regional Design

Nara Design to be released on Aug 6 (Mon)

Aizu, Shibuya, Tokyo Omotenashi, Mt. Fuji (Yamanashi), Mt. Fuji (Shizuoka) designs to be released on Aug 13 (Mon)


Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Tamio Yoshimatsu) will release Nara Design of "Coca-Cola" Slim Bottle Regional Design on August 6 (Mon), 2018, and Aizu, Shibuya, Tokyo Omotenashi, Mt. Fuji (Yamanashi), and Mt. Fuji (Shizuoka) Designs on August 13 (Mon), 2018.  "Coca-Cola" Slim Bottle Regional Design is special products with package featuring tourist spots of the region in stylish illustration.

"Coca-Cola" Slim Bottle Regional Design has been released in a total of 15 types of packages that make travels more enjoyable.  From June to July 2017, Tokyo, Kyoto, Setouchi, and Kumamoto Designs were released respectively in limited areas, followed by Ueno, Saitama, Nagoya Designs in November same year, and Sendai, Chiba, Nagoya (golden dolphine), Koshien, and Hiroshima in June 2018.  All of the designs are hugely popular.

Due to the popularity in all the regions as a bottle which is just appropriate with meals and refreshment during travel or as a souvenir, and the increasing number of customers, we have decided to additionally release 6 regional bottles; Five-Storied Pagoda in Kohfukuji and Deer<Nara Design>, Tsurugajo Castle and Akabeko (red cow), Okiagarikoboshi (tumble doll)<Aizu Design>, Hachiko statue and Shibuya streetscape <Shibuya Design>, A Lady in Kimono and a Colored Carp, <Tokyo Omotenashi Design>, Mt. Fuji and a Lake <Mt. Fuji Design (Yamanashi)>, Mt. Fuji and Miho-no-Matsubara <Mt. Fuji Design (Shizuoka)>. In each design, symbols and sightseeing spots of each region are designed iconically in illustration.

Since "Coca-Cola" Slim Bottle Regional Design comes in the stylish shape unique to "slim bottles" and the 250ml drink-up size, when you drink it with meals during travel or when you want to take a rest and refresh your mind, it will boost your travelling mood further. It is just appropriate as a commemorative item for trip, as a souvenir for family and friends, or for foreign travelers to enjoy the Japanese taste. It is also recommended to people who love their local area, or enjoy the feeling of hometown at a homecoming visit in summer. Each design will be released at places centering on souvenir stores, local products shops, supermarkets, vending machines in each region.


"Coca-Cola" Slim Bottle is a premium package which succeeded the figure of the signature "contour bottle", which is distinguishable as a "Coca-Cola" bottle by only touching even in a darkness.  The ice-cold feeling enhances good taste and refreshment of "Coca-Cola", and delivers special drinking experience to customers.  It features the high-quality design, and ever since launched in Japan in July 2015, it has been enjoyed by many people, ranging from the "Coca-Cola" fans to those who don't usually drink carbonated soft drinks by releasing the regional designs which feature sightseeing spots and symbols throughout Japan, as well as seasonal designs featuring cherry blossoms, fireworks, and red leaves, etc., the designs commemorating the Olympic and FIFA World Cup in 2016 and 2018, and the Restoration Design commemorating 150th anniversary of Meiji era. 

"Coca-Cola" Slim Bottle Regional Design is now available in more areas with the good taste unique to "Coca-Cola" and packages featuring regional sightseeing spots.  Through this product, we will encourage local people to rediscover the local attractions and deliver "special moments" different from usual to those travelling.


<Product overview>

■Product name: "Coca-Cola" Slim Bottle Regional Design
■Product type name: Carbonated soft drink
■Ingredients: Sugars(fluid fructure glucose, sugar)/ carbonated acid, caramel coloring, acid regulator, flavorings, caffeine
■Nutrient component labeling (per 100ml):

■Package/Manufacturer's suggested retail price (excl. consumption tax): 250ml Slim Bottle/125 yen
■Sales areas: Area centering on Shibuya <Shibuya Design>

Area centering on Nara <Nara Design>
Area centering on Aizu <Aizu Design>
Area centering on Tokyo <Tokyo Omotenashi Design>
Area centering on Yamanashi <Mt. Fuji (Yamanashi) Design>
Area centering on Shizuoka <Mt. Fuji (Shizuoka) Design>

■Release day: 
  August 6 (Mon), 2018 Nara Design
  August 13 (Mon), 2018 Designs other than Nara Design

■Sales channels: Souvenir shops, local products shops, supermarkets, vending machines, etc.


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