Unveiling ceremony for "Coca-Cola" Slim Bottle "Ohenro." design and "Machi★Asobi" Wrapping Vending Machine held!!

May 07,2018

News Release

May 7,2018

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.


Tie-up event with "Machi★Asobi Vol.20"!

Unveiling ceremony for "Coca-Cola" Slim Bottle "Ohenro." design and "Machi★Asobi" Wrapping Vending Machine held!!



Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Tamio Yoshimatsu, hereinafter CCBJI) on Friday, May 4, 2018, at the opening ceremony for "Machi★Asobi Vol.20", hosted by Tokushima Prefecture and NPO "Machi★Asobi", held an unveiling ceremony for the newly released "Coca-Cola" Slim Bottle "Ohenro." design and the "Machi★Asobi" wrapping vending machine.

"Machi★Asobi Vol.20" can be said as an activity representing Cool Japan, which Tokushima Prefecture has been working on since 2009, with which CCBJI, hoisting the management principles of "community-based" and "customer-centered", also ties up through "Machi★Asobi", which helps Tokushima to be established as the anime mecca. CCBJI intends to play a role in activating/expanding recognition of Tokushima. Facilitated by the station master of JR Tokushima Station, Mr. Kondo, President of ufotable, Mr. Kamon Iizumi, Governor of Tokushima Prefecture, voice actress LiSA and Eriko Nakamura, and Teruyuki Suzuki, CCBJI Head of Kinki/Shikoku Area Sales declared the opening of "Machi Asobi Vol.20". Then, the ceremony was boosted with the introduction of "Coca-Cola" Slim Bottle "Ohenro." design and the unveiling of the wrapping vending machine.


From left, Kamon Iizumi, Governor of Tokushima Prefecture, Kondo, President of ufotable, Teruyuki Suzuki, Head of Kinki/Shikoku Area Sales


Guests cutting the ribbon


"Ohenro." design wrapping vending machine



<Product summary>

The "Ohenro." design bottle is a "Coca-Cola" slim bottle, which features the Onaruto Bridge and "Mao, Chiwa, Megumi", the female characters of the local anime "Ohenro.", which was created in commemoration of 1200-year anniversary of the initial opening of the 88 Temples of Shikoku. The "Ohenro." design slim bottle is in the scheme that a part of its sales will be donated to the anime festival execution committee in Tokushima Prefecture to be used for future events.

The "Coca-Cola" Slim Bottle "Ohenro." design is made of aluminum to deliver the icy cold feeling, and it comes in a new "slim bottle" package which allows consumers to enjoy the special unique taste of "Coca-Cola". Since it has the stylish shape unique to "slim bottle", and is in the 250ml one-serving size, consumers can enjoy it with meals at a travelling destination or if they drink it to feel refreshed during breaks, it will help to boost their feelings even more. The "Coca-Cola" Slim Bottle "Ohenro." design is also just nice as a commemoration good for an event or a souvenir for family or friends, as well as for foreign tourists to enjoy Japanese culture. It is available in all channels in Shikoku area, including kiosks in sightseeing spots, souvenir shops, supermarkets, and vending machines.          


■Product name: Coca-Cola Slim Bottle Area-dedicated design "Ohenro." Bottle

■Item name:  Carbonated soft drink

■Raw materials: Sugars (HSCS, sugar)/carbonic acid, caramel color, acidity regulator, flavors, caffeine

■Nutrient ingredient indication (per 100ml):

■Package/Manufacturer's suggested retail price (excluding consumption tax): 250ml aluminum bottle/125 yen

■Sales area: Shikoku area

■Release date: May 4 (Fri), 2018

■Sales channel: All channels including supermarkets, vending machines, restaurants, souvenir shops, etc.



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