News Release

News Release

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Establishes Joint Venture “NeoArc”With Accenture
Promoting Data-Driven Management by Streamlining Administrative and Back-Office Operations

Jan 05, 2024
Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. is pleased to announce the establishment and commencement of business for NeoArc Inc. (“NeoArc”), a joint venture formed in collaboration with Accenture Japan Ltd.





NeoArc will consolidate the administrative, back-office, and support services of Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Group to streamline administrative and back-office operations. It will also provide the technology to capture, analyze, and utilize data essential to our beverage business. The Group will employ this data to attain greater insights, faciliating better decision-making, identifying new business opportunities, and enhancing the quality products and services.


The name "NeoArc" was chosen to underscore the company’s specialization in modern, innovative solutions with a team of experts who create new technologies, processes and added value. Its logo design expresses the meaning of the company's name, which is to lead the way to the answer with innovative solutions, by drawing an elegant arc to deliver solutions to their intended destination.


Bjorn Ivar Ulgenes, Representative Director, Vice President & CFO of Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan, has been appointed representative director of NeoArc.. Satoshi Kon, currently Head of Finance Operations at Coca-Cola Bottler Japan, will assume the role of President starting January 4, 2024, overseeing NeoArc’s operations.


In August of last year, Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Holdings announced its strategic business plan “Vision 2028” which will run through to 2028, with three strategic pillars: Sales Excellence, Supply Chain Optimization, and Back Office and IT Function Optimization. The joint venture will streamline administrative and back-office operations and contribute to the sophisticated data-driven decision-making to promote the optimization of back office and IT functions. With the establishment of NeoArc, we aim to achieve sustainable profit growth as set forth in the strategic business plan and to become a cost-effective and profitable world-class bottler.


Overview of NeoArc

(1) Name

NeoArc Inc.

(2) Address

9-7-1, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo

(3) Representative

Representative Director Bjorn Ivar Ulgenes

(4) President

Satoshi Kon

(5) Business descriptions

①Finance, accounting, human resources, labor relations, and other general administrative and back-office operations on consignment

②Development, installation, operation, maintenance, and provision of repair services in the areas of computer hardware, computer software, computer systems, and computer networks

③Worker dispatch services

(6) Capital stock

20,000,000 yen

(7) Date of establishment

January 04, 2024

(8) Number of employees

Approx. 870 people

(9) Investment status

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.: 81%

Accenture Japan Ltd.: 19%


■ News release on agreement on establishment of the joint venture:



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