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News Release

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan begins CAN to CAN, the Horizontal Recycling of Aluminum Cans
Horizontal recycling scheme developed from collection to recycling of used aluminum cans

Dec 22, 2022
Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. today announced that, in collaboration with Artemira Co., Ltd. and MA Aluminum Corporation, the company has kicked off the production of three products using 100% recycled aluminum materials including CAN to CAN*1,2 as raw materials for the bottle can body, as part of the CAN to CAN horizontal recycling initiative of aluminum cans, in which used aluminum cans are collected from recycling boxes placed next to vending machines operated by CCBJI this December.

[CAN to CAN Process] 

The process of this CAN to CAN initiative for horizontal recycling of aluminum cans is as follows. CCBJI collects used aluminum cans  from the recycling boxes next to vending machines and outsource the selection and presswork to a recycling intermediary. After the presswork, used aluminum cans are collected from Shinryo Aluminum Techno Corporation (Artemira Group) warehouses and delivered to MA Aluminum  as raw materials for beverage aluminum cans. The raw materials are recycled by Artemira as 100% recycled aluminum bottles, which are then used by our plants as containers for Coca-Cola products. Our three products, Georgia Kaoru Black 400ml, Georgia Kaoru Bito 370ml, and Bonaqua (Nansui) 400ml, which use 100% recycled aluminum materials including CAN to CAN for the bottle can body, are scheduled for launch from January 2023. 100% recycled aluminum materials will also be used for the lids of the three products by the end of 2023.

Can products made from 100% recycled aluminum materials are expected to reduce CO2 emissions per can by approximately 25% *3 compared to aluminum bottles made from virgin ingots, while maintaining the existing standards for opening and sealing performance. The first step is the launch of CAN to CAN, using nearly 400 tons of used aluminum cans collected annually from recycling boxes in Tokyo. We plan to gradually expand the areas for this initiative and increase the volume of collected cans to 9,000 tons per year.

Based on the 2030 Packaging Vision *4, a goal for all Coca-Cola systems in Japan, CCBJI aims to collect and recycle the same amount of CCBJI product containers sold by 2030. With CAN to CAN, the horizontal recycling of aluminum cans, we will contribute to the promotion of recycling aluminum cans and the reduction of CO2 emissions in Japan.

*1 CAN to CAN, the horizontal recycling of aluminum cans.
This means that used aluminum cans collected from recycling boxes next to our vending machines are used as raw materials for the can body.

*2 Material consisting of used aluminum cans, coils and scrap generated during aluminum can production (excluding component-adjusted portions).

*3 When compared with the amount of CO2 generated during the production process of 400ml aluminum bottles using virgin ingots. Study by Artemira.

*4 2030 Packaging Vision ( 
Initiatives include collecting the same volume of containers as that of CCBJI products sold by 2030 and building a solid scheme for collection and recycling of containers with partner companies. 

About Artemira Group
A comprehensive aluminum manufacturer engaged in the research, development, manufacture, and sale of aluminum beverage containers, including Altemira Co., Ltd. and MA Aluminum Corporation under the Altemira Holdings, Inc. 

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