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News Release

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan receives the Excellence Award in Corporate HR category of Nihon no Jinjibu’s “HR Award 2021”
Recognized for its implementation of people development strategy to realize a management reform

Nov 05, 2021
Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. (headquarters in Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director & President Calin Dragan; hereafter “CCBJI”) is pleased to announce that the company’s initiative based on its people strategy to realize a management reform has won the Excellence Award in the Corporate Human Resource category of the “HR Award 2021” which is hosted by the Nihon no Jinjibu, the largest HR network in Japan (hosted by “HR Award” Steering Committee; supported by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare).

The "HR Award" is an awarding system that aims to develop companies across the country through HR by focusing on initiatives that promote growth of companies and individuals in areas involving human resources and organizations, and by broadly communicating such initiatives to HR persons. It is recognized as one of the most trusted and prestigious awards in the HR related area, for its fair operation method and transparency due to its convincing member-participation-type screening process. In 2021, out of 387 entries, 12 companies including CCBJI won a prize in the Corporate Human Resource category. This was then followed by a voting by 200,000 members across the country and a final screening by the screening committee, and CCBJI has been selected as a winner of the Excellence Award for its people development strategy to realize a management reform.


CCBJI set a new people development strategy to realize a management reform under the strong motive that “business as usual is not an option.” It promotes “development of transformation leaders” as well as “development of organizational reform managers who are good at nurturing subordinates,” by considering that the ideal leader profile should be changed from “a manager who takes the initiative to set a good example for the traditional method” to “a leader who drives transformation.”

The Excellence Award was given in recognition of the following initiatives this time.


■Formulation of people strategy linked to management strategy In 2020, the company established a selective development program, “Coca-Cola University Japan (CCUJ),” as part of HR support for fostering organizations where transformation is promoted. CCUI provides a mechanism where participants acquire the mindset and experience of a transformation leader by repeatedly performing a hands-on learning circle through repeated input and output over 6 months to a year.


■Quantitative measurement of effects of the development program CCBJI has been implementing a 360-degrees survey every year to quantify the managers’ abilities to develop subordinates, while HR presents specific improvement measures to individual managers with low scores. Improvement measures proposed to individual managers are perceived as company-wide challenges as well, and set as themes for manager trainings and reflected to the evaluation system management.


* Reference: CCBJI News Releases (dated August 30)

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan wins a prize in Corporate HR category of Nihon no Jinjibu's "HR Award 2021"


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