Tie-up vending machine with Heaven's Design Team appears at Safari Resort Himeji Central Park!

Himeji City, located in the south-western part of Hyogo Prefecture (Harima area), is a sightseeing spot well-known for Himeji Castle, also known as White Heron Castle (Shirasagi-jo), which is visited by many domestic and foreign tourists every year.

One of the most popular tourist spots after Himeji Castle is Safari Resort Himeji Central Park. Opened in 1984, Himeji Central Park has a ground as big as 48 Koshien Baseball Stadiums! With a safari park, an amusement park, swimming pools for summer, and an ice-skating rink for winter in the park, visitors are able to enjoy various attractions and events throughout the year.

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Collaborative events underway with anime "Heaven's Design Team"!

From March 20 (Sat, public holiday) to May 9 (Sun), 2021, various events are held in collaboration with the anime "Heaven's Design Team" at Safari Resort Himeji Central Park.
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As part of the event, a tie-up vending machine with the anime "Heaven's Design Team" appeared in the amusement park area.

Period From March 20 (Sat, public holiday), 2021 to end of March 2022 (tentative)
Place "Safari Resort Himeji Central Park" amusement park
Near the roller coaster station in Waku Waku Zone

Tie-up vending machine with anime "Heaven's Design Team"

With the wrapping of key visuals of "Heaven's Design Team" on the front and story scenes on the sides, in addition to some trivia about animals from the anime such as koalas and deer, the vending machine is embedded with gimmicks to watch and enjoy.

With original voices of the characters performed by famous voice actors

When you press a purchase button, the machine randomly plays the characters' original voices that are specially recorded only for this vending machine by the famous voice actors (10 varieties).

Examples of original messages by the voice actors of the characters: *10 varieties
Shimoda (CV: Enoki Junya): "I'm Tenkei!! It's a birth of a new drink! It's delicious!"
Kimura (CV: Uehara Yuichiro): " Have you chosen it? Uh-huh... yes! This drink is absolutely delicious!"
Mizushima (CV: Junichi Suwabe): "Phew...there is nothing more delicious than a bottle of refreshing drink on a break."
Meido (CV: Naomi Ohzora): "It would have been nice if I could put an antenna on this drink..."
Unabara (CV: Ryota Takeuchi): "Otter, your meal is here! This is our drink! You can't get it even with your cute little face like that!"

You don't know which of the messages you'll get until you press the button♪
How about enjoying various events holding a Coca-Cola product in your hand to hydrate yourself?

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