Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan talks about "environmentally-friendly packaging initiatives" as part of plastic waste reduction program promoted by Sendai City

Sendai City in Miyagi Prefecture is known as the "City of Trees (Mori no Miyako)". The word, "Mori" or woods, refers to not only the trees and plants naturally grown in mountains but also the lush greenery nurtured by concerted efforts of the people in the community over a long period of time. The nickname, "City of Trees", represents the citizen's thoughts that the greenery surrounding their shrines, temples, and houses and long being cherished by people is the very treasure of the city. The beautiful greenery spreads across the city in harmony with streetscape. *Sendai City Website

Sendai City thinks about the importance and future of greenery and environment and communicates to its citizens in various aspects through its website regarding the current status of plastic waste and what is happening in the sea and community, in efforts to reduce plastic waste. It also suggests to think together and presents ideas as to what we can do now towards our future.

The city posted an interview with our company's CSV Promotion Department Manager Maruyama about our environmentally- friendly products and "Bottle-to-Bottle" initiatives. For interview report, click here. (Japanese)

■Put PET bottles in recycle box

CSV Promotion Department Manager Maruyama

Maruyama said in his interview that we ask consumers' cooperation in putting empty bottles into recycle boxes placed next to vending machines and not to throw anything else into the boxes so that we can further promote Bottle-to-Bottle initiatives without generating any waste.

Bottle-to-Bottle initiatives are to collect and recycle used PET bottles and reuse them as new PET bottles for drinks.

We work on packaging-derived waste issues based on three pillars—Design, Collect and Partner.

We will continue our efforts in widely raising the awareness that PET bottles are recyclable resources when appropriately collected.

【Sustainability Initiatives of the Coca-Cola System】

The Coca-Cola system in Japan includes Coca-Cola (Japan) Co., Ltd. and its five bottling partners around Japan. In accordance with its business purpose to "Refresh the World. Make a Difference," the system is committed to creating a sustainable business and shared future that makes a difference surrounding important challenges facing Japan. In 2020, it identified three platforms—Inclusion, Communities and Resources—and nine priority issues, and established a common sustainability framework across the system. With the aim of addressing social challenges though its business activities in each field, it will also contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Coca-Cola system established its 2030 Packaging Vision in the resources field, comprising three pillars—Design, Collect and Partner—in line with its global vision of a World Without Waste. It established, and is working to achieve, environmental targets specific to Japan, including switching to 100% sustainable materials for all PET bottles by 2030. Refer to the latest Sustainability Report for details of these activities.