Catchphrase is "Drink Disaster Prevention / Drink Crime Prevention".
Vending machine with a built-in radio for disaster/crime prevention appeared at a new citizens' gathering spot in the "town of whale" - Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

A vending machine equipped with the radio for disaster/crime prevention appeared in public with a catchphrase, "Drink Disaster Prevention / Drink Crime Prevention", at the grand opening ceremony of Shimonoseki Citizen's Square opened on October 3, 2020 in front of Shimonoseki City Hall in Yamaguchi Prefecture!
The radio will send out emergency information during disasters and also alerts for ongoing crimes.
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Known for the fishery and nicknamed as the "town of whale", Shimonoseki City is surrounded by sea and mountains, overlooking the Kanmon Straitsat and creating a fusion of nature and culture.
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Shimonoseki City Hall is located in a place where you take a bus for about 10 minutes from Shimonoseki Station and get off at Karato - home to a famous fish market, "Karato Market".

In just a short walking distance from Karato bus stop, you will see a monument that depicts a large tail fin of a whale!

As a new symbol in front of the City Hall, this monument was unveiled at the grand opening ceremony of Shimonoseki Citizen's Square.

In response to frequently occurring natural disasters in recent years in Japan, Shimonoseki City built the Shimonoseki Citizen's Square as a disaster and crime prevention base that puts various creative measures in place, in order to protect the citizens' safety and security and to supplement the disaster-control capabilities of the City Hall.

■"Lawn Park" as an evaluation and relief-activity base during disaster

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In its space of approx 3,000 square meters, the Lawn Park has a cafe, garden walk, front garden, courtyard, etc. and is usually used for citizens to gather and relax. During a disaster, the Park serves as a designated evaluation site and offers Wi-Fi available for anyone to use.

■Disaster relief supplies are stored in benches!

Placed in the Lawn Park, the benches are designed to store emergency supplies (cooking pots, etc.).

■Manhole toilets become handy during disaster

Manhole toilets are located in the blue tent area in the back of the photo.

Five "manhole toilets", which will be actively used during a disaster, were also presented at the grand opening event. They can be easily assembled during a disaster by placing simple materials on the manholes that are connected to a sewerage pipe.

■Radio-equipped vending machine with a catchphrase, "Drink Disaster Prevention / Drink Crime Prevention"

One of the creative ideas of Shimonoseki Citizen's Square is a vending machine with a built-in radio. The radio broadcasts eme
rgency information from "Come On FM" run by Community FM Shimonoseki, including "disaster"-related information for earthquakes, tsunami, evacuation, large fire, etc.; and "crime"-related alerts such as suspicious persons who are seen in the area, ongoing incidents and accidents, etc.

The vending machine with a disaster/crime prevention radio will keep an eye on everyone's safety at the new citizens' gathering spot in Shimonoseki City. We will continue to contribute to the safety and security of the citizens through the use of radio and vending machine that are familiar to everyone and will also work on the community's challenges together.