Higashi Fukuoka Gakuen and Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan jointly declares "commitment to SDGs"

Donation of face shields made from recycled PET bottles

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. and Higashi Fukuoka Gakuen jointly declared "commitment to the SDGs" to work together and take actions on creating a sustainable and better world in future. On the same day, CCBJI also donated face shields* made from recycled PET bottles and held a ceremony to present our donation in the hope that it gives people an opportunity to pay another attention to recycling and SDGs. We also hope this will be part of the students' memories of their school days.

Student who answers interview
while holding face shield

*For more information on face shields, please refer to the news release article of Coca-Cola (Japan) Co., Ltd.,"Coca-Cola System's actions against the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19). Donations of simplified face shields made from recycled PET materials to medical institutions."(Japanese)

Student council taking initiative in activity to properly collect PET bottles as resource!

This spring, as part of their efforts to think about the environment and the local communities, Higashi Fukuoka Gakuen placed additional recycling boxes for PET bottles in school, and has been actively implementing an effort led by the student council to properly collect PET bottles as a recyclable resource! The declaration that Higashi Fukuoka Gakuen and CCBJI made served as a trigger for us to think about what we can do for the future and turn it into action. At this kickoff event, we promised each other that we will work together towards the SDGs in various areas.

Students' SDGs declaration board (excerpt)

Presentation ceremony
Left: Kai Sato-san, President of The Student Council, Higashi Fukuoka High School.
Right: Kenichi Kubo, Head of Development Planning Division, CCBJI

"Achieve 100% recognition of SDGs in Junior High School"
"Perfect PET Bottle Sorting and Collecting"
"Gender Equality"
"Coexistence of People and Nature Moving Forward with SDGs"
"Industry + Agriculture = Eradication of Hunger”
"Eliminate Force of Arms to Make World More Peaceful”

Comments from Kai Sato, President of the student council, Higashi Fukuoka High School

Higashi Fukuoka Gakuen has been engaged in activities to properly collect PET bottles. We are glad that our activities are related to the SDGs and the entire school is contributing to the global goals. The day of the ceremony was the day for Higashi Fukuoka Gakuen to change. We will continue to take actions so that the students will be more interested in the SDGs and have better awareness and higher engagement.

Comments from Kenichi Kubo, Head of Development Planning Division, CCBJI

I was impressed by the students' powerful declaration towards the SDGs. The face shields that we donated today provide safety to everyone and help create a recycling-based society. Higashi Fukuoka Gakuen has been unable to hold school events and is facing a difficult situation due to the COVID-19. However, I believe their efforts towards the SDGs have proven that "we can transform inconvenience into convenience" while paying attention to the environment. Coca-Cola System will stay committed to creating a recycling-based society through partnerships with local governments, other companies, and schools.

CCBJI is planning to help Higashi Fukuoka Gakuen teach their students and improve their understanding about the SDGs. Under the corporate philosophy of delivering happy moments to everyone while creating value, CCBJI works on creation of shared value (CSV) through its core business in efforts to tackle communities' challenges and further partner with various entities.

■Reference: Targets for achieving SDGs in line with CCBJI CSV activities
For details, please check the CSV Report 2020.