"Lemon-dou" celebrates its 2nd anniversary on May 28, 2020 since its pre-release in Kyushu! Let's make a toast with "Lemon-dou"!!

The authentic lemon sour brand "Lemon-dou" will celebrate its 2nd anniversary since its pre-release in Kyushu on May 28, 2018.
We will share with you the 2-year history of "Lemon-dou" which has been enjoyed by everyone and achieved a rapid growth since its release.

Scrambles around every day toward release on May 28, 2018! ~ Development from ground zero, entering alcohol market for the first time ~

Finally, we are entering the alcohol market for the first time!! The project team learned about the market from scratch through market research and study of the customs, laws and regulations, and successfully reached the release day within a short period of time.
What supported the team during this period was the customers' high expectations for "Lemon-dou" and the trust relationships with the customers that we had cultivated till then. The fact that we ventured into a new business opportunity to take on new challenges while making use of our own strength was a big step for the Coca-Coca-Cola System.

Left: Sales started with 3 skus
Right: Long lines at sampling events prior to release

Left: Strong media interest
Right: At the kickoff

Becomes a hot topic after release! Sales also go strong!

Kyushu is an area with a relatively high alcohol consumption compared to other areas in the country, but data indicated lower rates of "chuhai" beverage consumption.
However, "Lemon-dou" with its authentic good taste quickly became a hot topic and the sales also developed strongly. During the Obon period and the New Year holidays, there were repeated requests for case purchases from airports and railway stations, and there was a surge in demand to purchase as souvenirs due to the exclusive sales in Kyushu. The experience in the Kyushu area became a model for the release in other areas.

February 18, 2019: Release of "Oni Lemon"!

Featuring 9% alcohol and lemon juice worth 1.5 lemons per can* (17% fruit juice)!! "Oni Lemon" with a high content of juice and alcohol was released! We expanded our lineup further to meet a wide variety of needs and expanded our "lemon-do" fan base.

May 3, 2019: Celebrated 1st year!
Hakata Dontaku Minato festival, with "Lemon-dou" parade, sales booth with long line!

In the Hakata Dontaku Minato festival, which has the highest number of visitors in Japan during the Golden Week, we boosted the city of Fukuoka with "Lemon-dou"!

September 13, 2019: Saitama Plant obtains liquor license, and starts producing "Lemon-dou"!

While installing facilities to manufacture alcohol beverages, we obtained a liquor license for the first time in the Coca-Cola Systems worldwide. And we successfully manufactured the first lot of "Lemon-do".

Left: Saitama Plant "Lemon-dou" manufacturing team members
Right: Lemon-dou manufacturing line

October 10, 2019: "Lemon-dou" tie-up outlet opens in Fukuoka Tenjin!

An outlet serving delicious dishes with Lemon-dou opened. The menu includes "Lemon-dou fried chicken set" which offers juicy fried chicken with Lemon-dou at a good price. See here for details (Japanese)

October 28, 2019: "Lemon-dou" release in all CCBJI sales areas!

On October 28, 2019, about one and a half years after the pre-release in Kyushu, the sale in all CCBJI sales areas was finally launched. Since then, many customers have enjoyed it.

Especially in times like this, we hope to connect with others...

Looking forward to the day when everyone can make a toast directly...

Two years after the "Lemon-do" project started as a small pilot project, we are moving forward together, ready to take on new challenges with pride in our colleagues who accomplished something no one else in the global Coca-Cola system has done.

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