Together even if they are far apart
~Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Message Relay~ Vol.1

【There are people waiting for us, every day】

What we used to be taken for granted is not ordinary all over the world today.
"What we can do now" is to deliver products (beverages) and services that are essential to our daily lives.
Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. will continue to work together with many people working to prevent the spread of infection at this moment.
For delivering happy moments to everyone as our mission. May our feelings reach you.

「Stay Positive」From: Tokyo Area Sales CS North Tokyo SC, Itabashi

We would like to deliver to everyone, Coca-Cola products and a little "Positive" time.
His smile is invisible by the mask...However, we would like to give everyone a drink and a "positive" moment.
With strong will and feeling, we will continue to run vigorously today!!

「SMILE」From: Saga Prefecture/Kiyama Plant

Continue to ensure thorough sanitation management as we always have been.
We seek to provide all consumers with safe products and high-quality services.
We work with a smile today to deliver happy moments to everyone!!

※When using the plant's cafeteria, I make sure to use alcohol disinfectant and keep a social distance.

「It will get better」From: Nagoya Prefecture, Kasugai

A vending machine that connects us with our customers.
Considering the safety and security of customers who have the purchased product in their hands, we disinfect the buttons and pickup slots of vending machines when restocking products.
Believing that this situation will improve, we will positively work on what we can do now.

「Together!」From: Coca-Cola RedSparks Rugby team

Do what you can do right now and win the COVID-19 with ONE TEAM!
We are looking forward to meeting everyone with a smile!

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「#Message relay of stop outing!」From: Coca-Cola RedSparks Hockey team

The 21 players have been working on "STAY HOME" hoping for the end of COVID-19 until the day they can play hockey.
Enjoy the expressions and comments of the current players, including the local stories of 21 players and how to spend their stay at home ♪
* Posted in the 4th series.

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