Four years after the Kumamoto Earthquake, a new site for Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan is born in Kumamoto!
New warehouse with the latest technology started operation in the premise of Kumamoto Plant!

A new warehouse with the latest technology was completed in the premise of Kumamoto Plant (Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture) of Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan, and began full-scale operation on February 28.

The new warehouse is a large logistics warehouse to be the core of product storage and supply in Kyushu Area in the "Shinsei Project"※1, which promotes the strategic transformation of our logistics network.
It is characterized by the introduction of an innovative technology called a "high density storage system" that enables storage of products in about half the space of the past.

The new warehouse was built in the premise of the former Minami Kyushu Coca-Cola Bottling's Headquarters that was damaged by the Kumamoto Earthquake in April 2016. Kumamoto Plant, which was similarly damaged by the disaster and restored early, has started production of "I LOHAS" mainly for the consumers in Kyushu Area, using natural water nurtured by the rich nature of Aso since March 2019.

< Journey to recovery from the Kumamoto Earthquake >
■In November 1994, construction of a new building completed.

■In April 2016, headquarters of former Minami Kyushu Coca-Cola Bottling and Kumamoto Plant were hit by the Kumamoto Earthquake.

On April 16, offices of former Minami Kyushu Coca-Cola were damaged
due to a main shock of the earthquake with a maximum of 7 seismic intensity.

It caused serious damages even to production lines and the product warehouses at Kumamoto Plant.

Our associates working together as a team provided products and support to local governments and shelters. Coca-Cola Red Sparks Rugby Team also actively called out for fund-raising activities.

Plant workers working hard for early recovery of production lines.

■In April 2016, the plant was quickly restored ahead of others in the premise (only 9 days after the main tremor).

■In December 2016, demolition of former Minami Kyushu Coca-Cola Bottling headquarters took place.

■In March 2019, production of "I LOHAS" began for the consumers in Kyushu Area, sourcing natural water of Aso, Kumamoto.

Quickly restored Kumamoto Plant which was located in the same premise started collecting natural water cultivated by the nature of local Aso region.

Comments from Bruce Herbert, Executive Officer, Head of SCM, Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.

We are pleased to announce the completion of a state-of-the-art automated warehouse at our Kumamoto Plant.
It is the 2nd logistics warehouse of "Shinsei Project" which promotes the strategic transformation of our logistics network.
In March 2019, Kumamoto Plant began production of "I LOHAS" for consumers mainly in Kyushu Area, using the natural water nurtured by the nature of Aso. Through our Kumamoto Plant and warehouse, we are committed to contributing to the further recovery and development of Kumamoto more than ever before.
We, Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan, hope to contribute more to the reconstruction and development of Kumamoto through manufacturing and logistics, so that Kumamoto Plant and the new warehouse will be a symbol of reconstruction for both employees and for people in the communities we serve.

【Overview of new warehouse at CCBJI Kumamoto Plant】

Area: 13824.123 sq. meters
Total floor area of building: 5561.203 sq. meters
Storage capacity: 12500 pallets (correspond to approximately 16 million 500 ml PET bottles)
Investment amount: Approx. 2.3 billion yen
Completion of construction: January 2020

※1 In order to respond quickly to market conditions, as well as diverse needs of consumers and customers, CCBJI has been working on "Shinsei Project" as a large-scale project to optimize the logistic structure since May 2016.