Supporting dreams of children who bear the future through "Children's Cafeteria Support Vending Machines"!

On January 20, 2020, Coca-Coca Bottlers Japan Inc. (hereafter, CCBJI) concluded the "Agreement on cooperation to support places for children including children's cafeteria" with Saitama Prefecture and the Saitama Prefecture Council of Social Welfare.

The agreement is intended to broadly promote the activities of Kodomo Ouen Network Saitama across the prefecture through the "Children's Cafeteria Support Vending Machines" and donate part of the sales proceeds from the vending machines to the "Children's Cafeteria Support Fund".

In Japan, one in seven children are in poverty!
〜"Kodomo Ouen Network Saitama" and "Children's Cafeteria Support Fund"〜

According to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's "2016 National Livelihood Survey", one in seven children live in poverty. Saitama Prefecture has been working to eliminate such a chain of child poverty and to create an environment that can fulfill children's dreams and hopes for the future.

One of its efforts is "Kodomo Ouen Network Saitama", which Saitama Prefecture also serves as a sponsor. It is a network composed of organizations, companies, and individuals. The network has implemented various activities such as spreading children's cafeterias and creating places for children, and the "Children's Cafeteria Support Fund" established on June 4, 2019 was also part of its activities.

The "Children's Cafeteria Support Vending Machines" features the special wrapping, which adopts the "Kodomo Support Network Saitama" design as a motif.

Community and company work together to keep children's future!

The signing ceremony was participated by Motohiro Ohno, Governor of Saitama Prefecture, Hiroki Yamaguchi, Chairman of Saitama Prefecture Council of Social Welfare, and Yutaka Inoue, Head of Kanto Area Sales of CCBJI. We received comments from Governor Ohno and Chairman Yamaguchi as follows.

"I would appreciate this support because the regional disparities in poverty are progressing. We will aim to create a community beyond generations to eliminate poverty." (Motohiro Ohno, Governor of Saitama Prefecture)

"I would like to make effective use of donations to create a network that can sustainably support people's feelings." (Hiroki Yamaguchi, Chairman of the Saitama Prefectural Council for Social Welfare)

This time, 5 units of Children's Cafeteria Support Vending Machine were installed. The donation will be used to create "places for children" such as children's cafeterias, free tuition schools, play parks, and multi-generational exchange sites.

Upholding "community-based" as its philosophy, CCBJI will continue to contribute to local communities.