Promotion of active participation by para athletes and people with disabilities!
Signing of a Comprehensive Agreement on Support for the Disabled with Nippon Sport Science University!

On Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2019, Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. signed a Comprehensive Agreement on Support for the Disabled with Nippon Sport Science University at its Setagaya Campus.

The agreement will be performed, in cooperation between CCBJI and NSSU, to help and promote the activities of para athletes, deaf athletes, and students with disabilities at NSSU.

【Background of the Agreement crossing over the corporate & university framework】

We have positioned the promotion of diversity and inclusion as one of our key management strategies, and we have implemented several measures to promote the performance of people with disabilities. We currently have four athletes with disabilities who are CCBJI employees, working in business and on their athletic practices. The way they overcome their disabilities to challenge the sport spreads much courage and inspiration to our employees. We have set a goal to increase the number of athletes with disabilities to 10 in the future, and as we considered hiring, we learned that NSSU is focused on developing many athletes with disabilities.

The signing of this agreement was very smooth due to the alignment of both our diversity policies: NSSU's policy being, "realize a society through sports in which we live together with people with disabilities; learning opportunities accessible to everyone," and CCBJI's policy which is, "respect the individuality of each person, develop an environment where each can exercise his/her capabilities, and actively take in various values and ideas."

The support covers a wide range varying from providing clothing, bags, towels and other necessities for their activities, to accepting interns and employing graduates. In addition, the agreement also included support for students and graduates of affiliated special schools of NSSU and has led to an overarching collaboration with CCBJI.

Realize a new form of diversity promotion

The Group is committed to promoting diversity, with the aim of ensuring that diverse employees continue to accept various opinions and values and create innovation.

We will continue to accept diversity and promote the active participation of people with disabilities by being close to the daily lives of the people, as a total beverage company that delivers happy, refreshing moments every day, in every occasion of people's lives.

【A little trivia - deaf athletes and Deaflympics -】

A deaf person is someone with a hearing impairment, and such athletes are called deaf athletes. Deaf athletes do not participate in the Paralympics but in the "Deaflympics" which is held once every four years for deaf athletes. It has a long history, going back to the first Deaflympics held in 1924. It is said to have been the origin of the Paralympics.