"Agreement on Comprehensive Collaboration"
concluded with Komae-shi, Tokyo

On Monday, November 11, Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.(hereafter "CCBJI") concluded "Agreement on Comprehensive Collaboration" with Komae-shi, Tokyo.

Komae-shi will be hosting the torch relay on July 10, 2020, and be the first among 26 cities in Tokyo to host it. As the host of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, they are working to create momentum in the city and pass on the legacy to the next generation.
Through the signing of this agreement, Komae-shi and CCBJI will work closely together and communicate face to face with each other as partners to improve services for residents and drive growth and development of the town. Furthermore, we will promote regional revitalization by fostering momentum for the Olympics, and promote efforts to improve the life of the citizens in a wide range of fields, including sports, health, human development, crime prevention and disaster prevention.

【Comments by Mayor of Komae-shi, Toshio Matsubara】

We have concluded this agreement to drive growth and development of our local community and improve public services through collaboration in the wide range of fields, including the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, revitalization of our region, education and human development, and crime and disaster prevention. Our city is hosting the torch relay as the first city among 26 cities in Tokyo on July 10, 2020.
We hope that the signing of this agreement will help Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. and our city create momentum together for this event. Tokyo Stadium and Musashino Forest Sports Plaza near us will be hosting many games. In addition to projects that our city lead, we will also promote partnerships with other cities and projects that involve residents of our city to foster momentum.

【Comments from CCBJI Head of Tokyo Area Sales Kazuhito Sato】

I am glad that we made this agreement with Komae-shi, our important customer, to collaborate on community revitalization and improvement of public services.
Komae-shi has been promoting “creating momentum for the Olympics and building legacy to the next generation for the people of Komae-shi”. We will work with Komae-shi in various fields, including projects for Komae-shi and surrounding areas, installation of JOC Olympic Support vending machines, events to create momentum for the Olympics and Paralympics, and promoting sports and health.
Through these activities, CCBJI will help deliver happy and refreshing moments to people of Komae-shi.