Look for "Yuki Yuna Is a Hero" wrapped vending machines in Kanonji City, Kagawa Prefecture!

Located in the western part of Kagawa Prefecture, Kanonji is a city full of green and shine with lots of tourist attractions. One of them is the Kotohiki Park that is famous for the Zenigata Sunae (sand art in the shape of a coin). It is said that if you see the Sunae, you will live well and long, both physically and financially. The city also has the Takaya Shrine with a panoramic view of the Seto Inland Sea, the Sanka Bashi bridge, and the Ibuki Island famous for dried small sardines used for the soup of Sanuki udon noodle, Kagawa’s local specialty.

Kanonji is also the model for the animation "Yuki Yuna Is a Hero," and hugely livened up by its fans, a.k.a. "Yusha-bu (team of heroes)," visiting from all over the country for anime pilgrimage.
The city, teamed up with the anime, has a number of programs ongoing, such as special events, sales of collab products, posters and life-size panels, and stamp rallies.

Did you know, in that Kanonji City and also in Sakaide City famous for the Seto Ohashi bridge, there are "Yuki Yuna Is a Hero" wrapped vending machines? As part of a project we have been working with those two cities to help them promote tourism since 2018, we placed in their tourist spots a special version of the familiar Coca-Cola vending machine wrapped with anime characters. This time we feature those special vending machines.

【Road Station Toyohama】

The memorable first machine was placed in Road Station Toyohama at the border with Ehime Prefecture.
It is located by the sea on Route 11 in the very west end of Kagawa, and from its viewpoint overlooking the Seto Inland Sea, you can enjoy a spectacular Satouchi landscape such as the Ibuki Island in Hiuchinada. The station is full of fun: the Ocean Shokudo restaurant offering sashimi and bowls using local fresh fish, Sanuki udon, and more; the local specialty store offering Wasanbon Oiri soft ice cream, the 2018 winner of a soft ice cream contest in Shikokuk; and the section selling "Yuki Yuna" character items.
On March 21, the birthday of the main character Yuki Yuna, there was a ceremony with fans gathered from all over the country, who livened it up together. The back of this beautiful pink-based wrap is designed with the Five Codes of Yusha-bu! Go behind the machine and check it out!

【Seto Ohashi Memorial Hall Marine Dome】

The second machine is located at the Marine Dome in Seto Ohashi Memorial Park.
We had an unveiling ceremony during the Seto Ohashi’s 30th Thanksgiving Festival held in 2018 as part of the program to mark the 30th anniversary of its opening. The machine made its debut in Sakaide City with the ceremony attended by lots of people.
This wrapped machine shows three characters from "Yuki Yuna Is a Hero - Chapter of Washio Sumi."

【Taisho-bashi Plaza, Kanonji Post Office】

The Kanonji railroad station is a starting point to walk around the city.You’ll find two machines near the station; one at the Taisho-bashi Plaza tourist information center, and the other at the Kanonji Post Office.
Why don’t you get a Coca-Cola product at the "Yu-yu-yu" vending machine as accompaniment for your anime pilgrimage!

【Takaya Shrine - "Gegu"】

A Yuki Yuna Is a Hero vending machine, the fifth in the series, made an appearance in 2019 in the Takaya Shrine, of which main shrine is located at the top of Inazumi Mountain. The torii gate of the main shrine is called the Torii in the Sky, and a popular spiritual place overlooking the city of Kanonji and Seto Inland Sea. On the back of the machine are, needless to say, illustrations of the torii and characters.

Those wrapped vending machines have been cleaned up regularly by Yusha-bu members since the first one was placed. We are full of thanks for this extremely wonderful gesture.

Visit Kanonji and Sakaide cities for sightseeing, stamp rallies, and anime pilgrimages, and when you get sweaty, rehydrate yourself at a Yuki Yuna Is a Hero vending machine. Enjoy yourself making memories!