implemented a joint effort of "heat stroke reminder"

implemented a joint effort of “heat stroke reminder”

Saitama Prefecture, Japan Post Kanto Branch, and Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.
implemented a joint effort of "heat stroke reminder"

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. has recently implemented an effort to call attention to heat stroke in collaboration with Saitama Prefecture and Japan Post Kanto Branch.

This effort is intended to send a "heat stroke reminder" postcard to residents as information from the prefecture, targeting 12 towns in Saitama which have a high aging population rate and a high number of people transported by ambulance per 100K population in 2016 to 2018. CCBJI supported this effort by donating Kamo-Mail postcards to Saitama Prefecture.

The "heat stroke reminder" postcard indicates the prefectural emergency phone consultation number "#7119" in addition to information on the 5 points for prevention of heat stroke and the "Cool Oasis" initiative. Through such information, it aims to bring a reduction in the ambulance dispatch rate, thereby allowing the emergency squad to be dedicated in their primary life-saving activities.

Highly evaluating this effort, Vice Governor Ryu Okuno gave us a letter of appreciation at the Saitama Prefectural Office.

Continuing to uphold "community-based" and "customer-centric" as the management principles, CCBJI will come close to the people's lives and daily livings, and contribute to local communities as a total beverage company that delivers happy, refreshing moments every day, and in every occasion of their lives.

From right: Ryu Okuno, Vice Governor of Saitama Prefectur
Kazuo Ayusawa, Key Account Department Manager,Tokyo Vending Corporate Sales Dept
Yoichiro Takeda, Postmaster of Naguri Post Office
Michio Toyoda, Postmaster of Saitama Central Post Office