Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Donated Part of the Proceeds from the Coca-Cola Slim Bottle Shonan Design to Help Promote Tourism!

Nov 22, 2021

Are you all familiar with the Coca-Cola Slim Bottle Shonan Design?


The Coca-Cola Slim Bottle Shonan Design is a limited-edition regional bottle only available in Kanagawa Prefecture. It is emblazoned with the words “Feel SHONAN”, the slogan of the Kanagawa Sea Project aimed at sharing the charm of Kanagawa’s sea with the world, as well as stylish illustrations of the region’s symbols and most famous tourist attractions, such as the Great Buddha of Kamakura, the island of Enoshima, and yachts.

Since its introduction on October 1st, 2018, this bottle has been highly popular with tourists and Kanagawa residents alike. It is available for purchase at souvenir shops, supermarkets, and vending machines, etc., mainly in the Shonan area.

This Year, Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. Donated Part of the Proceeds from the Coca-Cola Slim Bottle Shonan Design to Help Promote Tourism

On October 14, 2021, we paid a courtesy visit to Governor Kuroiwa of Kanagawa Prefecture in order to donate a portion of the proceeds from our Coca-Cola Slim Bottle Shonan Design to Kanagawa Prefecture, and presented him with a donation certificate for the third year in a row. 

During the presentation of the certificate at the Kanagawa Prefectural Government Office, Mr. Kazuyoshi Yamamoto, the Kanagawa District Manager for Central Japan Area Sales, said, “I know that many Kanagawa residents are having a very difficult time because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but I hope that you feel a bit of happiness when drinking this, as if you’re having fun sightseeing,” as part of a friendly discussion with Governor Kuroiwa about the promotion of tourism in the future.

This donation will be used to disseminate information about the Kanagawa Sea Project, based on an agreement made with Kanagawa Prefecture in 2018.

We invite you to pick up one of these stylish, limited-edition regional bottles. You will surely feel that you’ve taken the first step towards contributing to the region, and that refreshing feeling will bring color to your journey.

CCBJI will continue to actively promote the appeal of Kanagawa Prefecture and support tourism through the Coca-Cola Slim Bottle Shonan Design.

■ What are the Regional Design Coca-Cola Slim Bottles?

The Regional Design Coca-Cola Slim Bottles have special packaging that makes travel more enjoyable. Since June 2017, these bottles have been designed using symbols and tourist spots from various parts of Japan, and they are available only in those regions. In each of these regions, these bottles have been popular as the perfect choice during meals and for refreshments during trips as well as for souvenirs, and have been well received by many people, so we are creating more designs to cover all of the regions of Japan.

■ What is the Kanagawa Sea Project?

The Kanagawa Sea Project is an initiative aimed at attracting more tourists to Kanagawa by taking advantage of the charm of the sea. Their slogan is “Feel SHONAN,” and they operate the “Feel SHONAN” website and social networking service. They are also developing a new type of tourism called “marine tourism” that uses seaside scenery as tourism content.

“Feel SHONAN” website: