Sustainable packaging

Enable a recycling-oriented society

What is a sustainable package?

What is a sustainable package?

Based on the Coca-Cola system’s philosophy that product packages should be environment-friendly and easy to use by consumers, packages are developed under the global “Sustainable Package” concept.
Packages with all three elements of “easy to use”, “environmentally friendly”, and “FUN” are the “Sustainable Packages” that we aim for.

Packages using plant-derived materials

For the plant-based bottles, molasses, which is a byproduct of sugarcane produced in the sugar-making process, gets transformed into the structural components of PET resin.
The biggest advantage of such plant-based bottles is that they can be 100% recycled at existing PET bottle recycling plants.

Peko Raku Bottle

The “Peko Raku Bottle” is not just crushable, but compared to conventional PET bottles, it is easier to “hold” and “pour”.
The “Peko Raku Bottle” weighs just 29g, and its polygonal design means that the bottle can be easily crushed by lightly pressing down in a diagonal direction.

ecoru bottle raku-mochi (easily-held) “Morinomizudayori”

1.The waist of the bottle is three times stronger to prevent deformation.

2.Consumers can easily hold the bottle since they can completely wrap their fingers around the waist of the bottle.

3.The circumference of the waist is small, allowing consumers with small hands to easily hold the bottle.

4.The edges of the groove are deep and large, which enables consumers to easily pour drinks without the bottle slipping from the hands.

Air Bottle

The Air Bottle was introduced for the “AQUARIUS” sports drink 500ml PET in 2010. Its ergonomic design allows consumers to easily hold the bottle, and the air cushion-like feel offers a comfortable grip.

Grip Bottle & Fit Bottle

The Grip Bottle by Coca-Cola is a bottle shape that is designed for easy portability. It has a dent around the waist of the bottle, as well as a unique surface finish.
The Fit Bottle is designed to be gripped comfortably and used for “Sokenbicha” drinks.

Bubble Bottle

The Bubble Bottle is a name that describes the “bubbles’ in carbonated drinks.
It is used to express the pop and bubbly fun of “FANTA” drinks.

Ball-shaped PET Bottle

The Ball-shaped PET Bottle is a package modeled in the shape of a soccer ball. It was used for Coca-Cola drinks released in commemoration of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa to further enhance the mood of the audience watching the games.
(Limited release. Currently discontinued)